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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

No Interview Tuesday

Only the second week of my new goals, and already I have to change things. Because the featured author this week is also doing a simultaneous June Blog Tour for her new book, her interview won't appear until Friday.

In the meantime, pick up a good book to read...or maybe even the dictionary and find a new word to use today. *g*

Or if you're really desperate, you can learn about fan fiction. :) No? Yeah, I didn't think you would.

But if you have a burning need to comment on my blog, feel free to share what you did for Memorial Day weekend. Me? I slept in, piddled around my office for a bit, spent time with my dog who had just celebrated his 14th birthday on Sunday (98 years old!) and enjoyed pizza and a movie with my family who gathered in the evening. The men in the family had gone out to play golf that day and had been given a free lunch afterward, so our plans for grilling were replaced with the dinner and a movie idea.

Rumor Has It with Jennifer Anniston and Kevin Costner and Ledo's Pizza. If you haven't had Ledo's, you haven't had pizza. :) So, what did *you* do?

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