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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

2x4's really hurt

Well, the 2x4 has been swung and connected with its target more than once in the past week. I almost started to sink into the same slump I experienced right after I returned from the ACFW National Conference in Nashville this past September. Of course, I also came home and lost my full-time job a week after the conference, so that had a lot to do with my lack of motivation in writing.

But, thanks to a dear friend, I got a swift kick in the pants and got rolling again on this book. Then, I went on vacation and fine-tuned the edits from my mentor-friend and published author, Linda, as well as progressed up to chapter 12 on the book. Pretty sure I only had 4 more chapters to go upon returning, but I didn't get very far last week. (sigh)

Too many other things kept distracting me. It's probably because I didn't have a bonafide accountability partner keeping me straight, or it's because I didn't have a daily goal set for myself or by anyone else. But, God really smacked me hard when I realized my mentor is teetering once more on a new contract with a publisher for her latest series. Once she gets it, her time won't be as available. And if I don't utilize the gift she's given me of her time while she's had it, God will take it away.

So, I've made another commitment to get finished, only I've broken it into more manageable pieces. I intend to write at least 1 chapter every day until Friday, then I'll read over the new chapters and get everything to Linda for her edits. Hopefully, she can return them to me within a week, so I can get the edits done and email this manuscript to the editor who's requested it. All before Thanksgiving.

Once I get this book done, I'll format my 2 proposals for the agent who requested my work and get those to him. And I'll put the finishing touches on the proposal for the other editor with the anthology I'm writing with 3 other authors and get that submitted. I'm so close and sitting right on the edge. Just need to get that burst of motivation and determination to finish.

Feel free to give me a kick in the pants or a smack on the back of the head or real solid shake. Even wringing my neck might work, but chocolate's a better motivation. For those who know me on IM, you have free license to bug me and harass to make sure I'm doing what I promised I'd do.

But now? It's time to hit the hay. Maybe the complete rest of my book will come to me in a dream and I'll just have to come back to my computer and pour out the dream onto the screen. Hey! It could happen! :)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Journey into the Unknown

Well, here goes. I'm venturing into the world of blogging, even though I told myself I wouldn't do it. But, after receiving critiques from my mentor on my writing, I realized I don't delve deep enough into the thought processes of my characters. I'm high on the action and descriptions, but not the internal thoughts. A part of me realizes that's because I don't take the time to journal and tap into those thoughts.

So, thanks to the encouragement of other writing friends and the reported enjoyment as well as fulfillment they receive from their blogs, I'm going to give this a go. Who knows where it could lead?

Don't know how often I'll remember to add posts or share thoughts, but one major reason I began is for accountability as well as connecting to others. I'm working on pushing toward the finish line with my 3rd book and want to get it done by Friday. My friend, Dineen, is also working toward writing "the end" so we're going to keep each other in line. I welcome anyone else who wishes to offer some pant-kicking. :)

And on that note, I'm off to do some writing. Will try to be back later this evening with a word-count report.