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Monday, May 08, 2006

Surrender -- Letting Go

Tonight at my women's home group, the topic we discussed was on surrender. There was a lot of good meat in the message and the conversation. Several women became vulnerable and honest and shared their true hearts with us. It was refreshing to know I'm not alone in making mistakes and trying to control certain aspects of my life so they go the way *I* want them to go.

How often do I ask God why nothing is happening? How often do I look at my circumstances and try to figure out how to turn them around myself? And all along God is trying to tell me something...

You're not letting go!

Ouch. Talk about hitting it where it hurts. And the "letting go" could be any number of things. Some of them you might not even think you're controlling. It could be career goals, hopes & dreams, daily schedules, entertainment choices, certain foods, children, finances, relationships, health, past hurts, unforgiveness, etc., etc., etc. But whatever it is, it needs to be surrendered and left at the foot of the cross. God is more than capable of handling our problems, and He wants to take our problems and turn them into blessings. But we have to be willing to Him have them so He *can* bless us.

Hard to take that first step, isn't it? Good news, though. Once you take that first step and surrender one thing, the next step and the next area comes much easier.

Here are some final thoughts:

- We live for eternity, not for the moment, so get the "big picture."
- When we surrender, we have peace, contentment, satisfaction and fulfillment.
- Be still and ask God for areas that need work, but don't feel condemned, because that's not God's style.
- Make a declaration of intent and write it down.
- Ask for help from prayer partners and friends. You can't do this alone.

And most importantly? Know that God is ready and waiting to accept your offering. The biggest blessings come when you let go.

Now, tomorrow, we have a special guest appearance. Stay tuned!

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