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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Recommended Blog of the Week!

Tomorrow, I'll be announcing the winners of TWO contests from the past 2 author spotlight features. Thanks for your patience and your participation.

Tonight though, I'm going to spotlight my favorite blog this week:

Forensics and Faith

This is the blog of the crazy redhead, Brandilyn Collins. *g* She writes best-selling crime thrillers for the Christian market. And this week she began a 10-part series on character empathy. Fantastic stuff from the woman who brought us "Getting Into Character."

An excerpt:

Now, writers and readers know that character empathy doesn’t happen all at once. It should grow with each chapter. That’s human nature—we connect with people as we get to know them better and appreciate how they handle struggles in life. But readers need enough connection with the character in that first chapter of his/her appearance so they’ll want to read on....I thought of 10 approaches for character empathy that immediately came to mind. No doubt it’s not a complete list. Neither are these 10 approaches islands unto themselves. If you can mix two of them, or three or four—all the better. And we're not talking about paragraphs of copy. Sometimes a couple lines here and there, scattered among action, will do the trick.

Stop by and have a look!

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