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Monday, May 15, 2006

Still Getting Cat Calls and Honks

Ok, I know I'm behind in some of my standard devotional insight, and I have some great stuff from Sunday's sermon to share, but in light of the time nearing midnight, and knowing I have to be up early for work, I'm going to keep this one brief.

Walked home from work today and enjoyed the nice breeze as well as the break from all the rain we've had lately. But the walk was made even better by the 2 cat calls and the 1 whistle I received. Surprising that I didn't get any horn honks. But, the ones I got last time more than made up for it. *g* Even had one guy who rolled down his window for the express purpose of whistling only to roll it back up after he passed.

I suppose it's flattering that at almost 30, I'm still catching their eye. I know, I know, not that old, but there are days when I feel it. At least experiences like these put a smile on my face.

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