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Friday, May 11, 2007

CFBA Blog Tour -- Amy Wallace and Ransomed Dreams

I'm skipping my Friday journal entry once again. :) Raelene will return again soon with more tales from life in Colonial Delaware.

Instead, this week is the CFBA tour of Amy Wallace's Ransomed Dreams. Since I featured an interview with her earlier this month, I'm going to link to the spotlight I had with her and include some brief information here.

Spotlight Feature Here


Amy Wallace is a member of the CFBA and an avid Blogger. A self-confessed chocoholic, this freelance writer is a graduate of the Gwinnett County Citizens Police Academy and serves as the liaison for the training division of the county police department. Amy is a contributing author of God Answers Moms' Prayers, God Allows U-Turns for Teens, Chicken Soup for the Soul Healthy Living Series: Diabetes, and A Cup of Comfort for Expectant Mothers. She lives in Georgia with her husband and three daughters.


Drama. Tragedy. Thriller. Romance. Can these four actually go together? Amy Wallace's meaty first book of the Defenders of Hope Series, RANSOMED DREAMS, has successfully united these genres.

It is one of those books that after you read a little and put it down, the desire to see what will happen next is so strong that it will occupy your thoughts, compelling you to make the time to finish. But watch out! It is best consumed where no one will hear you cry because, if you have children, it will hit you like a stab in the gut and wrench you with a twist of the knife.

Although the subject at first depresses, the characters are so real and likable that you need to see what will become of them.

This book will NOT bore you.

Order Your Copy Today!

1 comment:

Shauna said...

I've checked this book out a few times and it looks awesome!