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Monday, July 16, 2007

18 Weeks Down; 2 to Go!

Can I say I am praying for a time warp for the next 2 weeks, so it can be done and in the past? All I want is for Stuart and I to get on with our lives and move forward. These days are supposed to be the happiest of our lives, but I think someone forgot to tell that to the various people who are performing a service to help this wedding go successfully. They all offer assurances, but no follow-through. Meanwhile, you're left behind the proverbial "eight ball" with nowhere to go.

I've been joking that I did NOT want to turn into a "bridezilla," but a couple of these people might make me do just that. :) On the flip side, I know God's got it all under control, and there has never been anything that's happened in the history of time that He couldn't handle. That doesn't mean I don't allow my humanness to cause some minor panic. And this past Friday? It was a true "Friday the 13th" for me!

So, let's recap:

* Made several calls to the movers and finally got our move "on the books" but had to wait for scheduling. Heard back from them Friday morning with the word that the movers are coming THIS WEEK! I don't know the exact day yet, but they will pick up by the 20th and have delivery sometime between the 30th and August 10th. Once they get the items on the truck, we'll have a closer delivery date. We're praying the 6th-10th so someone will be there to meet the truck. :) This means, I now have to shuffle my schedule and get all of the boxes repacked and labeled and sorted a week earlier than planned. I have to figure out what will stay and what will go; what I will need for the honeymoon and drive home to Colorado; what can go in the Pathfinder; where I'm going to keep everything that's staying since I won't have any furniture; etc.
* Received sofa, chair, mattress & box spring that we ordered, and they're all sitting in the garage, ready to be shipped.
* Stripped all the bedroom furniture from Wednesday to Saturday, and applied the stain and varnish yesterday. It's now fully restored to its original beauty. Why anyone would want to paint such beautiful wood is beyond me, but it's back to the chestnut shade with a smooth finish. Looks good...even if I do say so myself. :)
* Finally got a drop-off date for the Pathfinder to have a few service repairs done on it. I've been waiting 2 weeks to hear from the dealer who sold me the car, since they guaranteed anything wrong would be fixed before the bill of sale was final. Got that in writing, but it was quite a feat to get them to return phone calls. It was supposed to go on Friday, but when I called that day, they told me not until Monday.
* Had to cancel my bridal portrait photo shoot from Thursday because the woman doing the alterations to my gown didn't have the gown finished. She had promised me it would be done in a couple of days, but then she went AWOL and no one could reach her. I left several messages, and her mother tried to contact her, all to no avail. Finally, this past Friday, we heard from her and learned she had gone on vacation with her son and wasn't answering the phone. I still haven't heard from her, personally, only through her mother. However, I was told Friday that it would be done by Saturday. Here it is Monday, and again no word. (sigh)
Now, I'm faced with a bridal portrait photo shoot that is postponed until I get the gown, and we're coming down to the wire. If I don't hear anything today, I'm only paying 50% of the charges. She didn't deliver what she promised, and she's caused a LOT of unnecessary stress, not to mention schedule shifting because she didn't get it done. What's worse is she had the gall to ask her mother why I was getting upset...that it would be done in time. Yeah, for the wedding, I'm sure! But what about my needs beforehand? Needs I clearly communicated to her when I went for my fitting 2 weeks ago.
* Received the cake toppers for the wedding cake and put the finishing touches on them so they're ready for the cake decorator to pick up this week.
* Had to reorder the bows for the center aisle at the church because the original ones got lost somewhere between here and Williamsburg. The postal service can't find them. The new ones will be here this week.
* Visited the reception hall to make the final payment and do a general walkthrough with the caterer and a family friend who's helped a lot with decorations. We mapped out a floorplan for everything so when we get to the actual setup, we'll be a bit more organized. :) The hall has also put up their window treatments, so they won't be bare windows. Casts a nice ambience on the whole room. And with lights on dimmer plus 6-8 chandeliers, we'll be able to provide appropriate lighting.
* Visited the florist to make the final payment and provide last-minute details. We have 2 candelabras and 2 altar displays, as well as the bouquets, boutinnieres and corsages for the wedding party. Also picked up a brochure for a bouquet preservation service so I can have mine preserved in a shadowbox. Might even add Stuart's boutinniere for a memorable keepsake.
* Did follow-ups on everyone invited who hadn't yet responded. Heard from the last ones yesterday, and the total (including family and vendors) is 104. We were expecting around 100, so this is perfect.
* Settled on a hairstylist for the wedding after repeated and unsuccessful attempts to have another one make it to the house. Finally had to cancel and go with my first choice, which is who I wanted in the first place.
* Submitted the announcement for my church bulletin so the wedding is a church-wide invite. Reception is still private, but I wanted to allow anyone else who wanted to say "goodbye" to me the chance to do that. It appeared yesterday and will be there again this coming last day there.
* Heard from everyone on this end regarding their menu choices for the rehearsal dinner and finalized the count. Will hear from Stuart's mom this week on the family out there. Then, I'll call the restaurant with the count and can check that off the list.
* Received the last itineraries for those flying in from out of town and made plans for someone to greet them when they arrive.
* Stuart worked hard on the slideshow for the wedding and finished the photo portion of it Saturday. Still have to set it to music and add the flash part, which he'll do today, but it's shaping up nicely! That collage is sure to gain a few chuckles from the guests in attendance.
* James (Stuart's brother-in-law) finished the cover for our wedding program, and I completed the text for the inside. Now, we just have to put it all together and get the files to the printer for the copies to be made.
* Still haven't sold my Altima yet, but praying I hear something this week. Have 2 potentials, but they weren't sure.
* Stuart got the Pathfinder (and me!) added to his insurance beginning next week, so if my car sells this week, I can cancel mine and save 65% on the cost!
* Altered the schedule for the day before the wedding to allow for more time and less running around. Everyone else is able to make it, so we'll be less "frantic" that day and be putting less miles on the cars transporting us from place to place. We were at the reception hall going over things when God put that idea in my head. How awesome!

And I think that's it. NOW do you see why you have "bridezillas"? LOL! I'm still calm, all things considered, but I've had my moments this past doubt about that! This week will be a busy one. It's also my final week at work, so that cuts down on my free time. The only reason I didn't submit my last day to be earlier is because of annual inventory and I'm the inventory control supervisor. I kinda had to be there and need to be present this week for reconciliation. Thankfully, 10 hours was yesterday, so I only have another 26 this week. Phew!

Those of you who are praying, keep going. I'll check back next week with the excitement of so many things completed this week and the anticipation of seeing Stuart again. He'll be here 1 week from today, and then we'll never again be apart.

Until next week...

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Shannon McNear said...

Hugs and kisses and lots of prayers ... it *will* all somehow fall into place!

Love you!!!