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Monday, July 02, 2007

16 Weeks Down; 4 to Go!

We have entered the month of the wedding, and I'm starting to feel the crunch just a bit. For the past 2 weeks, the biggest "stress" factor has been the moving options and how we were going to decide on the best way to get my things to Colorado. Since a lot of the major details for the wedding had already been checked off the list, the moving aspect occupied the majority of my thoughts.

Today, I can say that's done, and we've made a selection. Let's go with the other things that happened last week first, though:

* Held a decorating party at my house and invited 6-7 ladies who had offered to help, but only 1 came. My matron of honor got rained out the day before so got called into work. Another was at the beach for the weekend, one had a work deadline, one had family things, one wasn't able to make the drive, and one never returned the phone calls. So many say "that's what your bridesmaids do" when I ask for help. Well, unfortunately, my bridesmaids are scattered all about the country, so it's rather difficult for them to be involved in things like this. Thankfully, our choices have been somewhat simple, so Mom and I were able to get a lot done.
* Scheduled an additional decorating day for this coming Saturday. Hoping those who couldn't come last week will be able to make it this week. We'll see.
* Visited with 3 moving company interstate agents and received quotes on the cost, then entertained the thought of renting a truck and moving everything ourselves. We even considered towing a trailer, but didn't want to put that added strain on the Pathfinder.
* Had our 3rd counseling session where most of it was sitting and listening to Pastor Chris share common pitfalls and areas to avoid in marriage. We didn't have a lot of interaction time, but that's no doubt due to the phone conferencing we have to do and Stuart not being physically in the office....yet. :) It's no doubt difficult to engage a couple in dialogue when one is just a voice on the speaker phone.
* Scheduled our final session for the week Stuart's here and learned we'll also do a quick run-through of the ceremony order as well as test the sound and A/V equipment to make sure it's all in order before the rehearsal.
* Gave the song list to the DJ so he can start planning the reception order and getting things in line.
* Came up with a few extra creative touches for the reception as well as a new idea for the ceremony that I have to explore further. Will need to speak with the florist on that one, but not sharing it here. :)
* Selected a moving company that ended up being the best option for the cost. We'll no doubt tote some of the boxes in the Pathfinder with us to lighten the load and leave the furniture (plus other incidentals) on the moving truck. Also going to reduce the number of boxes and bring only what I need. The rest can come later when we have a house or be shipped at a later date.
* Scheduled an appointment for a gown fitting with my seamstress. Alterations will be completed by this Friday.
* Spoke with the photographer about a bridal photo shoot and selected a location. Now, just need my gown finished and a date to have the shoot.

All right, that's all for now. And since last week, I blew it initially by neglecting the BIG contribution Stuart made (although I went back and added it), I wanted to highlight what he did this past week. *winks*

Stuart scanned in photos of me from birth to adult so he could begin assembling the photo slideshow we'll be using at the wedding in conjunction with the engagement announcement we created a few months ago. Although separated by distance, he's doing everything he can from where he is. The biggest contribution is helping keep me calm when we chat online or brightening a stressful day with the sound of his voice. This past Saturday, I received a music card from him that spoke of me being the only woman for him. I think I've played the song at least 10 times so far and read the card just as much. :)

Only 3 more weeks until he's here, and then we'll be together forever. (sigh)

Until next week...

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