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Monday, July 09, 2007

17 Weeks Down; 3 to Go!

And just 2 until Stuart's here. I have to admit as the days draw closer, it's getting increasingly more difficult being apart. I feel the frustration the most when one of us has a long or tiring day. So much of me wants to reach through the phone and bridge the gap of miles to give him a hug...or have him do the same for me. When we can't physically be there for each other to help ease the tensions of the day, it makes the distance seem that much farther.

Only 2 more weeks though! We can do it. We've lasted this long. God will bring us through the home stretch as well. And 5 days after he arrives, we'll be married. It's been a long-time coming, but more than worth the wait.

So, let's recap what happened last week:

* Stuart finished scanning photos for our slideshow and will start assembling them to music for our ceremony.
* We selected our favorite photo from the engagement photo shoot and mapped out the cover of our wedding program, then got the disc and information to Stuart's brother-in-law, James, who will be designing the program for us.
* Inquired about procedure and materials for stripping my bedroom furniture set that's going with me and will begin working on that this week. Each piece should take about 2-3 days (with the "sit" time after the stripping, but before the varnish) and I have 3 pieces.
* Found a mattress/boxspring set and a matching sofa + chair for quite a bargain. It's amazing what folks won't buy because of a small mark somewhere on the item. Order goes in today to be delivered before the wedding.
* Decided on a moving company and put in the move request with them. Waiting on the pickup date notification once they schedule us into their deliveries.
* Had a second decorating party and finished all of the centerpieces. They turned out even more beautiful than I had imagined. All that's left for decorations are the bows lining the center aisle at the church and figuring out how we'll decorate the reception hall. Meeting this Friday to take a look at the hall with 3 others.
* Ordered a set of candleabras and dripless candles for the ceremony to go with the altar flowers.
* Went for my gown fitting for final alterations.
* Spoke with the photographer about a bridal portrait photo shoot which we'll do later this week. Still have to reach someone at the church where we'd like to take the pictures.
* Sent out rehearsal dinner menu selections to the 10 not on Stuart's side of the family (his mom's handling that end) so we can compile a final count for the restaurant.
* Attended a "farewell" party at both church and work (Saturday and Sunday evenings) so my worship and work teams could say goodbye. It was great to stand at the one at church and receive prayer and blessings from those gathered. Couldn't help but want Stuart by my side, but he was there in my heart as I stood in proxy for both of us. :)
* Shared details on my car for sale with a handful of others who might know someone. Still praying it sells in the next 2 weeks. For those praying, PLEASE add or keep that at the top of your list.
* Dropped off the list of music selections for the DJ so he can begin setting up his playlist and the order of the reception.
* Received itineraries from out-of-town family/friends so I can start planning who will be here when and work out any necessary transportation or scheduling for the pre-wedding "work."
* Drafted a rough outline of the day before the wedding, but praying we can make one change to get into the reception hall earlier, which will cut our back-and-forth-driving down. Will check on that this Friday.

And I think that's all for now. We're down to the all the logistics and minor details now. I pray I can remain calm, cool and collected in these final 3 weeks. Already told Stuart he'll have a BIG job of keeping me calm the week he's here. LOL! I know he's the perfect man for the job!

Until next week...

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