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Monday, June 18, 2007

14 Weeks Down; 6 to Go!

Hmm, the freshest item on my mind is wedding invitations. We had a slight delay in getting them out last week due to a blunder in counting on my part in regard to our split reception situation with family & friends here and in Colorado. It's all good now, though, and everything is stuffed, stamped and sealed with the official wax 'M' seal.

We even had to recall one invitation from my brother because it didn't bear the "king's seal." :) Stuart joked last night about his list and how the ones he sends out won't have the seal or the insignia, so they'll get turned away at the door. I just said as long as they're on the invite list, they'll be fine. If not...Guards! Take 'em to the tower! LOL!

Anyway, six weeks left and they're in the mail today. So, we're still all right. Announcements will go out in about 3-4 weeks.

Now, for everything else:

* Received confirmation that the Colorado family have all booked their hotel rooms from our block.
* Ordered the rest of the decorations and favors for the ceremony and reception; the centerpieces arrived Thursday, and we're waiting on the bows. Might still have to pick up a few more favor items, but for now, we're in good shape.
* Set a date of June 30th for the "decorations party" involving a handful of friends who want to be involved and have offered their 'crafty' talents. More power to them, since that's NOT one of my gifts. :)
* Came up with a creative idea (thanks to a friend) for the bridesmaids and their bouquets. Will have to call the florist to see if it's possible.
* Paid a deposit to secure a special bonus of releasing doves after the ceremony at the church. Had to check with the photographer about logistics and ability to capture them, but we're all set.
* Made final calls to all the moving companies in the area and scheduled 2 appointments for representatives to come and look at what's going, so we can get an estimate. Several companies had a 3000-lb. minimum, so we ruled them out. The PODS or storage bin companies all quoted us between $2-3000, so they're off the list. We're down to professional moving companies and who can offer the best options. Should know by the end of the week and have them booked. It's taken a bit longer than expected to check this one off the list
* Took pictures and measured the boxes and other items at the storage shed that are going with me, so we can add those to what's at the house that's also going and give the movers a more accurate idea of the total amount.
* Packed up my office with the exception of final items in the desk drawers and breakable decorative items on the various surfaces. Everything else is empty.
* Packed up bridal shower gifts and organized the list for thank-you notes this week.
* Packed the remainder of my books from the shelf in the alcove. All that's left is photo albums and scrapbooks from that area.
* Arranged for a friend to come and help me clear out my closet so I can get rid of old clothing and prepare to build my "trousseau" for the first year of marriage. :)
* Called the bookstore where I'll be working out there and got a status update on the position I'll be taking in August. Some slight uncertainty, but it's all working out.
* Left messages with the seamstress and hair stylist on my availability so they can call back to arrange times for a fitting (minor adjustments on the gown) and styling samples (so I can make a final determination on who I'll be hiring).

Phew! Less than 6 weeks to the wedding, and these lists will no doubt be getting longer and longer. I pray I remain sane! LOL!

Only 5 weeks until I see Stuart again. Just 35 days. I can make it! I'm sure he can too. :)

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