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Monday, June 11, 2007

13 Weeks Down; 7 to Go!

Here I am again, posting an update about what's happened the past week. I admit that having this to do each Monday makes the weeks pass faster, which is a good thing! One week gone and another one closer to when Stuart arrives....which is, by the way, only 6 more!

Many ask me how I'm coping or doing, and my answer is almost always the same. Taking it one day at a time and tackling each obstacle or situation as they come. Once in a while, they pile up, but nothing has become insurmountable. It's coming to the time of some of the final plans items. Once they're checked off, I know I'll breath yet another big sigh of relief.

So, let's see what happened last week:

* Monday night, we headed over to the caterer's home for a sample dinner featuring all of the food she'll be preparing for the Reception. Only had one substitution for the pasta salad, but everything else was delicious. I would provide the menu here, but I think it would be fun for it to be a surprise. :) The small cake she baked was the perfect compliment to the meal. Light and airy with a butter-cream frosting that didn't leave you with the sugar shell shock.
* Got the # of the lady who will be doing my gown alterations and have to call her today to set up a time this week to do my fitting. Thankfully, the gown only needs a slight hem and to be bustled. Everything else fits great!
* Tuesday, my make-up lady came over and did a sample on me to show her ideas for the wedding combination. Amazing! I might have to consult with her on some less dramatic tricks for everyday wear.
* Made a final decision on the bows that will decorate the rows and center aisle at the church. Mom is ordering everything else today.
* Placed the order for the customized unity candle, which we'll light about the time we also take Communion together. The best part about the candle is the little tealight in the top that allows the candle to remain preserved for years to come.
* Stopped by a used car lot and took a Jeep Cherokee for a test drive. A bit older than what I had in mind. Going to sell my Nissan Altima and buy a used SUV for that Rocky Mountain driving. :) The lot owner only had 2 that day, but he's going shopping tomorrow with SUV's in mind and said he'd keep an eye out for me. Going to let me know what he finds and send me digital pictures of anything that sounds good. Also said he'd cut us a deal since we have a referral from an old business partner of his and my dad's been a loyal customer for a few years.
* Had our 2nd premarital counseling session on Friday, which went quite well. Pastor shared some insights from his own marriage, and we had some good dialogue. I'll be glad when we can have our final session with Stuart physically here instead of on speaker phone.
* A friend came over afterward and helped address envelopes for wedding invitations. What we have done will go in the mail tomorrow, but because I goofed and left more with Stuart in Colorado than he needed, we have to wait until they are shipped back this week to mail the rest of them out. Whoops! :)
* Had our weekly date night and watched a great movie on TV together, via phone. (sigh)
* Stuart met with his mom to go over the Colorado folks and family who would be getting invitations, then worked on the announcement design and text for those only coming to the Colorado Reception in August.
* Did a 2nd check on the hotel where everyone booked their reservations and made a last-minute switch because that one was under renovations and didn't look good. So, we moved across the street, reserved a block of rooms for a discounted rate, and everyone will be switching their reservations this week. Phew!
* Settled on the computer desk I'll be using and left it up to Stuart for when they'll get it moved into office at home.
* Went to look at another SUV, Ford Explorer, fully loaded Eddie Bauer edition. Had some signs of wear from being 10 years old, but in good shape. Two things will need to be replaced, and if it's still available this week, I'll check with the owner about a deal we can strike for the cost of those repairs.
* Made final decisions on table centerpieces at the Reception and will be ordering the rest of the components today.
* Sold 29 books from the marriage fund collection and got them shipped off at the post office.
* Purchased the special "wedding" stamps for the invitations and got the response envelopes stamped then stuffed everything we had, addressed the outer envelopes and sealed them. Also have a special wax sealer to give it a unique touch on the outside. Still works the old-fashioned way of holding the wax stick over a flame, dripping the wax on the envelope and letting it cool, then pressing the seal into it.
* Burned the songs for our wedding soloists onto a CD for them to sample and choose. They're talented and gifted musicians, singers and songwriters, so I'm leaving that decision in their capable hands.

And that was my week. Still feels surreal, even now. Like I'm planning someone else's wedding. Even with all of the aspects on which I'm making decisions, because Stuart's not here, it's not becoming real to me to the full extent.

One day at a time though. Just have to keep telling myself that. Until next week...


Snoskred said...

Hi, it's Snoskred here. I've recently become a blogging chick and have set myself a challenge to comment on as many Blogging Chick blogs as I can. So that's why I'm here. ;)

Getting married is a really exciting time, but it's also crazy busy. So I hope you remember to take a few spare moments of "me time" along the way. :) And I hope it all goes well for you!


Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

Glad to see you on the blogging trail, Snoskred. Hope you enjoy being a Blogging Chick.