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Monday, June 25, 2007

15 Weeks Down; 5 to Go!

Almost down to the month of the wedding. I've had so many folks ask me if I'm excited, and the answer is an obvious "YES!" :) Several people have even remarked that I'm glowing. While I'm not a big one for being giddy or having my head in the clouds, my eyes *do* reflect the anticipation. And the big smile on my face is a good indicator as well. LOL!

Now, let's see what happened this past week:

* Received the unity candle for our wedding ceremony. It's absolutely gorgeous, and will make a great centerpiece or focal point on the mantle above the fireplace.
* Bridesmaid gifts will arrive this week. Stuart's groomsmen gifts came in last week, and he was quite impressed. I know those in our wedding party will like these things we purchased for them.
* Spoke with the woman who will be coordinating things at the ceremony. Also found someone for the sound board and the A/V equipment for the ceremony extras.
* Have an appointment tonight with a hair stylist to see if she might be a better option, although I'm not convinced. The other one is a good friend, but we'll see.
* Received 2 quotes/estimates on cost to move my things out to my new home in Colorado. Didn't expect the high weight they both estimated, but I think they're protecting themselves. I know the light weight of my furniture, and I don't have many boxes after clearing out so many things. However, if they under-estimate, they get fined. Otherwise, we get reimbursed once the final paperwork and weight is submitted to the office.
* Looked again into renting a truck and towing our car. It might prove to be more economical with that option rather than paying a company to haul my things, then paying for gas/hotel costs for the 3-day drive out to Colorado on top of it. Will wait and see.
* Scheduled 2 more appointments this week. Will have a decision by Wednesday and whatever our choice is, it'll be booked by Friday.
* Have our 3rd premarital counseling session this coming Wednesday. After this, we'll schedule our 4th one where we'll BOTH be present and in person. Looking forward to that. It's been all right, but not the same when talking to a speaker phone during these things.
* Got a BRAND NEW kitchen floor, courtesy of my wonderful fiance and my soon-to-be brother-in-law. It's a hardwood floor appearance in laminate...I think. Stuart and James labored over that for hours Friday night and most of Saturday as well. But, I saw the pictures, and it looks beautiful. Can't wait to touch my bare feet to it when I get to my new home in a little over a month.

Now, for the biggest thing that happened this week. We bought a new car! :) Well, all right, so it's not "new," but it's new to us. 1998 Nissan Pathfinder -- Cinnamon Brown or Maroon. Well below average mileage at 67,000 for being 10 years old. Interior is very clean, and the rear seats don't even look used. No dents, dings or scratches, and the interior has a blond-shaded wood trim/accent that gives it a unique look. There are a couple fixes that need to be made, but we got them in writing and the sales rep will call me this week about an appointment to get them done.


Also listed my Nissan Altima on Parting with one Nissan and getting another. My baby's been good to me, so I have no reason to expect that the Pathfinder will be any different. I pray the Altima sells quickly, so I don't run right up to the week of the wedding with it still in my garage. For those who are inclined, say a prayer for the quick sale as well. Thanks!

That's all for now...I think. If I think of anything else before I get home from work, I'll come back and add it when I add the photos.


Anonymous said...

What? Nothing about the beautiful new kitchen floor that just got put down and is awaiting your arrival in Colorado? ;)

Lots of stuff done! Lots more to be done! Crunch time is here! weee!

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

Doh! I knew I forgot something. I am sooooo sorry. How could I miss something that special and important? *blushes* After I raved about it so much when you showed the pictures. Blame it on lack of sleep. :)

It's updated now along with the pix, so you can put away the wet noodle and the idea of lashes. LOL!

Love you!