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Monday, April 16, 2007

5 Weeks Down; 15 to Go!

This past weekend wasn't quite so action-packed as the past 4 weekends have been. Then again, with so much that's already been completed, running around like a chicken with my head cut off won't be least not until the few days before the wedding. :) And I'll have my fiance here to help keep me calm.

Last week, mom and I worked on the guest list (and I got an estimate from Stuart for his list) so we could order the invitations and reception/response cards, napkins, etc. It's going to a rather large wedding but a small, intimate reception. Would that I could invite everyone to both, but that's far too cost-prohibitive. At least everyone who wishes will be able to celebrate with us at the ceremony.

I did find out that my ringbearer was measured for his tux, and now three of my bridesmaids have purchased their dresses. That only leaves 1 more bridesmaid to get her dress and 4 more men in the wedding party to get measured. As it stands, we have one style picked out, but in 4 weeks when I'm in Colorado Springs visiting Stuart and his family for a week (YAY!), he and I will go check out styles in the formal shops there to get a visual idea of how the one I selected will look. I'm still not 100% convinced, but who knows. My first instinct could prove to be the best.

Tonight, mom and I have a meeting with one DJ, and tomorrow, we have a meeting with another. Then, after work tomorrow, I meet with my pastor who will be marrying us (Pastor Chris) for an initial pre-marital counseling meeting. Given Stuart's and my "unique geographical situation" this will be interesting. :) We'll work it out though. It will more than likely mean a conference call...even if there *is* something wrong about me sitting there in the room getting red-faced at some of the questions while he can be on the phone where no one sees him! Oh well, at least we'll have a final session the week before the wedding where we'll be together.

I'll report back next week with results from the DJ meetings. The last major item on my checklist. After this, it's all details and fine tuning what we've already got booked.

You know, it's quite freeing planning a wedding when you know God's in the middle of it!

Until next week...

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Anonymous said...

Wow! You really are making progress!