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Friday, April 06, 2007

A New Friend and Hope for the Future

The ships arrive and depart from the bay, all with some place to go or bringing new people and supplies to town. I am sitting on the banks as I write this, wishing for something more than the life I now have. Do not misunderstand; this life in the Colonies has been one of adventure and surprise, but I cannot help but long for the familiar days of my life in England. I was comfortable then. I knew what to expect out of the people there. I had my place, and my future was all but guaranteed.

Now, working in the candleshop Mar and Papa own and living in the quarters above the shop, I find I long for more. There are many other residents here in town who are near my age, but they seem to have a life that is so foreign from my own. I try to get involved, but I find that I simply do not see things from the same perspective as they. I am learning, though, thanks to Kaariana, a young girl I would have to consider my greatest friend here.

She came into the shop a few weeks ago and asked if I would like to join her for a refreshment on the town green. After receiving Mar's approval, I left. We quickly found much in common, despite our different backgrounds, and she has been a constant companion every since. We do almost everything together. I must admit that her presence has made the lonely days much more bearable.

As we begin to head into the summer months here, I find the weather to be quite different than it was back home. Mar has had to purchase lightweight fabric for new clothing, and we often leave our windows open abovestairs to release the oppressive heat that gathers at the higher levels.

I still long for home, but each day here is lessening that desire. Perhaps I can find comfort in this new life. Papa and Mar wish I would try. For them, and for me, I will.

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