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Monday, April 02, 2007

3 Weeks Down; 17 to Go!

I have had several requests of folks who are not local and wish to be kept up to date on my wedding plans. So, I am now going to take my "write anything Mondays" and use this space each week to recap progress or setbacks, or even wacky fun associated with planning a wedding.

My fiance gave me 4-1/2 months to plan this and he lives in Colorado, so he's not even here to see me get all frazzled. Of course, he reads this and talks with me every night, so he knows. :) Now, all of this is doable, but it meant a massive attack at the beginning to get the major details out of the way. Now, we're settling into somewhat of a routine. Weekends are the primary time for wedding work, so Mondays will be perfect as everything will be fresh in my mind.

First on the list is the talk with the possible planner/decorator. Because I haven't had much luck gathering support from friends or others from my church, the task of doing all the crafty decorations, centerpieces, church aisle bows and wedding favors seems a bit daunting. So, we've got a request for a proposal from the planner. We'll see if she's within our budget. Otherwise, we might just have her do the reception hall decorations.

The best part about that meeting was her asking me what ideas I had for decorating the hall. I gave her the "deer in the headlights" look and told her "I have no clue." When I said colors, flowers, bows and other fru-fru stuff was out of my league, she smiled and told me I needed her. :) Well, yes, either her or someone else who's good at this crafty stuff. That's not me. I'm far better at design and funtionality as well as practicality. Color swatches, fabric samples, coordinates? You're speaking a whole other language!

So far, here is what we have done:

* church booked
* reception hall booked
* cake decorator done and cake designs chosen
* florist selected, bouquets and boutonnieres chosen
* photographer hired with a BIG discount
* gown purchased
* bridesmaid dresses selected with bridesmaids still to choose their styles
* tuxes possibly chosen, but not 100% sold on style, waiting on groom to get fitted

We've begun compiling small items for decorating and jotting down other ideas to go with the mish-mash of a theme planned, but that's all for now. Come back next week for more fun.


Anonymous said...

Something a bit fishy about that statement of your Fiance "giving" you 4 1/2 months to plan the wedding. ;)

Really Tiff's doing a bang up job of getting everything in line (including me). And as much as I'd like to be there to help her, I'd likely just be fumbling around and getting in the way (I'm even less fru-fru than Tiff is).

Thanks to everyone for your congrats and support.

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

Ok, so we *both* had input on the date. And actually, I'm the one who made the final decision on the actual day. Just made for good writing to say otherwise. *winks*

When you get to the point where we are, we thought...why wait? God's been in this from the start, and things are falling into place as further confirmation of that.

It's awesome to be in His plan.

Robin Bayne said...

Wow, you've accomplished a lot already! Isn't it fun!!??

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

Fun? Ask me again in about 4 months. I'm sure I'll have a completely different answer. *winks*

Feels somewhat surreal--like I'm planning someone else's wedding--but it's all good.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you both! I'm sure the wedding will be beautiful.

Best wishes for a long and happy life together.

Cynthia (friend of Paula Carr)

Cheryl said...

Hey Tiff,

It's Cheryl (cooperkid) from the DQ board. Congrats on the upcoming wedding! I planned mine in 6 months, so I'm sure you can do it in 4. It looks like you've got a lot accomplished. Sorry you couldn't bribe any of your friends to help out with decorating, but I hope all works out with the planner.

Have fun! And remember, it's a day for the two of you, nobody else. So, don't let anyone sway you on what you feel like doing.


Anonymous said...

Hey is there anything we can do ??? Like make centerpieces or bows, or put together stuff?? Since others aren't how aobut your online family pitching in????

Linda Mae

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

Thanks, Cheryl, Cynthia and Linda. There are still some options for decorating that will be within our budget. Some others have come out of the woodwork, so things are looking up.

Not sure what can be done via distance, but any ideas y'all might have, feel free to send them my way. I'm open to suggestions and creative insight.

Shauna said...

I'm not much of a in can't see the finished product of a "designed room" until it is, literally, finished. :-) I let my mother plan most of my wedding. I didn't really care - I was marrying the man I loved and that was good enough for me. She'd ask me questions, like choose A or B and I'd pick. Simple and stress-free...for me at least...she was a wreck! LOL!