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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Be Intolerant -- Because Some Things Are Just Stupid!

For anyone who is familiar with the name "Dobson," the title of this post comes from a book written by one of them. Fantastic book written in easy-to-read language detailing the need for Christians to step up to the plate and stop falling for the world's lies of "everything is all right" and "everyone is fine" or "it's all relative."

It isn't.

As Ryan Dobson states in his book, Jesus was the ultimate intolerant. But he dealt with those who were living in the wrong through love. That's the hard part to balance. And that's why you need God's guidance when confronting. And confront, you should. Because Christians who don't....don't really care about their fellow brothers and sisters.

Another point Ryan makes is that Christians are the only ones preventing the decay of this world. The more Christians who fall back into the "moral relativism" the closer we come to ushering in the antichrist. We all know it's going to happen, but shouldn't we be doing our part to make sure as many people as possible come with *us* and not get left behind?

Now if only my younger brother would get a clue about this and start focusing on things that have more significance than toys, games and selfish whims. He's almost 17, for crying out loud. WAY overdue.

Then again, maybe I just need to get away from him and let the world (and God) smack him upside his head. But it's not easy seeing him stray from the straight and narrow and trying to help someone who doesn't think he needs any help. What's even worse is being told *I'm* the one who needs to do something about our confrontations and just leave him alone. And then my folks wonder why the sibling relationships are so strained. (sigh)

I know, I know, guys never grow up and don't mature until they're a half-decade old (if they ever do) but I'm not necessarily asking for maturity as much as I am an awareness that he has never developed because it was never expected of him. Expectations are a good thing. They make you perform better and know someone cares enough about you to set them. I'm just sorry he didn't get them as much as I, because I thank God every day for the expectations placed on me growing up. Wouldn't have the drive, tenacity and commitment I have today without them.

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