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Sunday, February 05, 2006

You Are Worth It!

Another message really hammered the topic of self-worth. The world today specializes in demeaning you, making you feel insignificant, trying to stop you from achieving the purpose God has for your life. Instead, the world exalts the self-serving individuals and celebrates their achievements. But for every 100 of those, there is 1 in God's kingdom impacting more lives than the ones impacting by those 100. And it only takes 1.

As I mentioned above, I've struggled for years with self-worth. Still do, in fact. But, as it was pointed out, I can't depend on any person to have my worth needs met. My worth can't depend on what the world tells me, but on what God tells me. My life might be the culmination of all I've done, but my worth is in God. I know it's time to lay aside the pity party and claim what god has for me. I need to leave the past behind and cleave to the promises in His Word. When I can do that, I'll conquer the giants in my life.

We all have giants and they'll hit just the right spot to discourage us. It's time to know and recognize our purpose and go for it. Security and feelings of worth come from knowing that purpose and pursuing it. When we do that, God will fight our battles for us. Whether those battles be fear of rejection slips, belief that we can't finish the books we've started, wondering if our story has a place in the market for which we're writing it, inadequacy around other authors who have jumped those hurdles ahead of us, writer's block, or any number of other issues.

Writers have a story to tell. It needs to be written. Fill your muddy pitcher of past attempts with God's word, and the mud will be gone, replaced with the clear truth of God's promises. Like so many others, I'm sure, I need to stop wallowing in my mud pit and stand tall. I need to stop coming up with excuses and succumbing to distractions, and get those stories done!

And when I have that accomplished...I move on to the next story, and the next story, and the next story...well, you get the picture. *g*


Anonymous said...

I can really identify with the self-worth issue - it's been a life-long struggle for me. The battles with inadequacy and writer's block, and the belief that I'll NEVER be able to finish this book have been really hitting me over the head lately. Seems like every time I try to climb out of the mud pit, I slip and fall right back in with a big splat (that mud is slippery stuff, isn't it?) Okay, okay, I'll quit wallowing and start climbing. Thanks for the kick in the seat.

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

EJ, thanks. Amazing how much we fellow writers experience the similar highs and lows and can relate on so many levels. Hang in there. God didn't call you to something you won't be able to handle.

Come back and visit again soon.