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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Welcome Liz Johnson and A Travel-Filled Life

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LIZ JOHNSON grew up reading Christian fiction, and always dreamed of being part of the publishing industry. In 2006 she got her wish when she accepted a publicity position at a major trade book publisher. While working as a publicist in the industry, she decided to pursue her other dream-becoming an author. Her first novel, The Kidnapping of Kenzie Thorn, released in 2009. Liz makes her home in Nashville, TN, where she enjoys theater, exploring the local music scene, and making frequent trips to Arizona to dote on her two nephews and three nieces. Keep up with Liz's adventures in writing at

by Liz Johnson
Published by Love Inspired Suspense


"Follow the drugs."

Her sister's last words shake FBI agent Heather Sloan to the core. They also convince her that the helicopter crash only Heather survived wasn't an accident. Sheriff's deputy Jeremy Latham is assigned the case—he's the one who can help Heather find the person responsible…once she convinces him they should work together. As they dig for the truth, they learn to trust and care for each other. Will they lose it all when the killer targets Heather? She's willing to risk her life to find her sister's killer—but her code of justice could cost her the chance to win Jeremy's love.

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For Me a Fiction-filled Life is a Travel-filled Life...
by Liz Johnson

Traveling is one of my favorite parts about being a writer. I’m a big fan of visiting the cities where I set my stories—whether the town is real or fictional. My first book, The Kidnapping of Kenzie Thorn, was set in a small town in Oregon called Evergreen. While it was definitely fictional, I drew on my experiences living in another small town in central Oregon. And Crescent City, Colorado, from my second novel was based on Flagstaff, Arizona, where I went to college.

But writing my most recent romantic suspense, Code of Justice, was a test of my memory. Set in Portland, a city I visited only once nearly four years ago, this story takes place among the lush trees and verdant parks that stuck in my mind. I tried to include things like the rain and the humidity of the coast. But I admit that I had to look up more than one map of the city to figure out major thoroughfares and the location of the Portland FBI office. As I wrote my first three books, I discovered that visits and maps are essential to adding details to the story, but I hadn’t yet realized what travel could mean to the basic development of a story idea.

Then I saw a map of historical places in a little town called Franklin, Tennessee. About a twenty mile trip from my current home, Franklin is home to some amazing pieces of history, including Carnton, a plantation that served as a field hospital following the Battle of Franklin during the Civil War.

As I explored the history just down the road, my mind exploded with story ideas, which grew exponentially when I visited the white columns and sweeping veranda of the nearly 200-year-old home. Those story ideas blossomed into the synopsis for a novella that will release as part of a Christmas collection from Barbour in September.

On my second visit to Carnton, I nearly missed the tour of the house, as I was so caught up with the view from the front walkway, over the same fields that my characters walked. It’s amazing how location can inspire stories.

To date my favorite story-inspiring trip has been one that my mom and I took last fall to Prince Edward Island. It started as a promise to my mom that I would take her to Anne’s Land when I sold my first book. No one told me I wouldn’t make any money on my first book. So just after my second book released, we set off for the Gentle Island.

I went with the hope of exploring the island setting of Anne of Green Gables and instead discovered a book I didn’t even know I had always wanted to write. I just couldn’t stop thinking about the rolling green hills, red beaches, and clapping waves of PEI, and from that grew a story that I love. Now I just have to find a publisher who loves it as much as I do.

Traveling to new and historic places inspires me and brings to life stories and characters that would have remained hidden. Do you have a favorite travel destination? What types of places do you like to explore? Where do you go to find inspiration and discover new story ideas?

Leave a comment by the end of day on Sunday answering one or more of these questions for a random chance to win a copy of my latest release, Code of Justice.

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Thank you, Liz, for sharing with us today.

Guest Questions: Do you have a favorite travel destination? What types of places do you like to explore? Where do you go to find inspiration and discover new story ideas?

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squiresj said...

I would love to travel back to Arizona where my oldest was born. I loved the free tourist attractions there. Now though I travel north to Ohio because I have a new grandson there. I went to Jamaica one year and would love to go back.
jrs362 at hotmail dot com

Jo said...

Two places that I want to go now. First off, Florida since my family lives there and want to see my children, grandchildren and great grand-daughter. I also would love to take hubby to Bermuda. Thank you for the opportunity of entering me in the giveaway.


Courtney said...

I would really love to travel to NY. I was born in NY but now live clear on the other side of the country, I love going back to visit. I would also love to go to Europe some day and just tour all kinds of places! Thank you for the chance to win this great book! Sounds very good!

Liz Johnson said...

Those are some great travel suggestions. Can you imagine the story ideas that would come from those places? But I'm noticing a common thread. We all love to go where are families are. :)

Good luck to you all. Amber, thanks again for having me!

Pegg Thomas said...

I love to travel to anyplace where notable history has occurred. I've been to many of the Civil War battlefields and a couple of the Plains Indian Wars battlefields too. I also enjoy visiting places like Mackinac Island and Plymouth Plantation, places that keep the old ways alive.

Strangely enough, I love to read books rich in history, real history, woven with fascinating fictional characters.

twinwillowsfarm at gmail dot com

Merry said...

I love historical places, a couple of awesome trips that were inspiring to me, were the Thousand Island region between NY and Canada and another was to several castles and walled cities in Romania. I'd love a chance to win Liz's newest book!
worthy2bpraised at gmail dot com

Carolynn said...

I would love to tour my own country..see the red sands in PEI and the mountains in B.C.
Thanks for the chance to win!
carolynnwald [at]hotmail. [dot]com

Judy Cooper said...

I would love to return to Arkansas in the fall with my husband, we enjoyed our visits there. Also to recreate a vacation with our grandchildren, that they still talk about. Time as a way of slipping by so fast. Thank you for the opportunity to enter the contest.coutb