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Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby Stockton #2 Countdown - 38 Down, 2 to Go!

So, I reached week 38 this past Friday in terms of time, and I'm still 1 week ahead in fundal measurement. I have now gained 3-1/2 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight. We'll see what the final tally is on my son's birthday. Only gained 12 lbs. with my daughter.

Just a reminder, I have a "guessing game" online for folks to guess the length, weight, and actual birthday of our son. We will be awarding prizes (books, gift cards, and something else) to the top 3 with the closest guesses. So, get in there and have fun. :)

If you'd like to play, click the link below:

Now, we're at week 37.5, so here is the update:

I gotta say, I had my week 38 appointment last Friday, and it was with another doctor on staff with my doctor's team. He was on vacation. Well, that was the fastest I've ever gotten in and out of the office this entire pregnancy! By the time I updated my address with the front desk, the assistant called me back. I stepped on the scale, and then we went to the room where she took my blood pressure. She left to let me prepare for the doctor, and by the time I sat on the examination table, he was knocking on the door. He brought the nurse back in, did his standard checks, spread the goo on my belly to get my son's heartbeat, asked me if I had any questions, told me everything's looking great, and said fare-thee-well.

From the time I arrived to the time I left, it was about 20 minutes. I was shocked! It usually takes me an hour from arrival to when the appointment is done. This includes about 20 minutes in the waiting room and 10-15 minutes waiting for my doctor. I might just have to tease him this Friday at my week 39 appointment. It *will* be April Fool's after all. :)

Anyway, the other stats in measurement are as follows:

Dilated to 2 cm
Effaced at 50%
Baby weight estimate at 7-1/2 pounds
Baby's heartbeat was 153 (because the doctor had just nudged his head)
My blood pressure and weight are looking good, no issues

The final details are being rounded off before my rocket-baby's big launch into the world. For one, my adorable poop-factory's meconium stockpile is growing (time to get ready for that historical first tarry black poo!) as his baby fat stores continue to increase. Most importantly, my wee genius' rapidly developing super-brain is abuzz with new brain cells that'll be growing for years to come.


Whether I give birth tomorrow (yes!) or next week (aw), my fantastic baby is pretty much 100% ready to face the world outside of your womb. And by "ready", that means weak, helpless and unable to do anything other than cry, pee, poop, and eat. :)

And now some words from the little acrobat inside me:

Not much new to report here, although that experience with Mama and the new doctor sure did set me on edge. He pushed on my head, my back, my rump, and even my feet, then told Mama I weighed about 7-1/2 pounds. I guess that's good, but what do I know? I'm tucked in this warm and snug little home and know I'm either getting bigger or my home is getting smaller. Whichever it is, at least I'm warm.

Last night, that big sister of mine was at it again with her screaming and stubbornness. I can't tell time right now, but I heard Mama say something about not letting her nap late anymore. Guess she didn't want to go to bed and kept coming out of her room. Then, at some point, I think she came to sleep with Mama and Daddy. Don't think they got much sleep.

She better start behaving, because when I arrive, I am going to need more of Mama's time, and she won't be the center of attention anymore. I sure hope Mama is ready for both of us. And I think she has help coming each week, but leaves a lot of time where it'll just be the two of us and her. Guess that means sleep won't be in abundance...for her anyway. Won't be long now. We'll see how things go.

It's me again. The mama. :) That's it for now. Tune in each week for the latest. If this little boy shows up early, I'll be sure to post an announcement...or my husband will. :) And if you want to receive an email each time I post an update, subscribe using the form over there at the top right.

Thanks for coming along this journey with me...some of you for the second time.

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