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Monday, January 31, 2011

Baby Stockton #2 Countdown - Week 30, 10 to Go!

Just 10 weeks left. That means next week, I'll be posting in the single digits. In some ways, it feels like it's taking forever. In others, it feels like it's gone so fast. And I know these final weeks are going to fly!

And now, as of week 30, here is the update:

The light is visible at the end of the tunnel! My over-sized self and amazing growing son have finally reached the single digits (in terms of weeks till birth)! The fine lanugo hair that has been growing all over Richard's little monkey-like body is going to start falling off this week in preparation for the big day. But I've been warned to not be shocked if he's hairier than I’d anticipated, as some babies keep their lanugo until after birth. Hmm...makes me wonder how much hair he's going to have on his head, not just his body. His sister didn't have much for the first year, but phew! It's sure made up for lost time! It's almost to the middle of her back when wet. But with all the curls she has, who can tell? :) I can still see some red highlights, so I'm holding out hope she might end up with my strawberry-blonde shades. I'd love to have a redheaded little girl. But guess that final decision is up to God. And He always knows best.

No surprises here: my little porker is getting even cuter with increasingly pudgy arms and legs this week thanks to the ever-growing layers of subcutaneous fat. In terms of numbers, this fella weighs in at around 3 pounds 10 ounces and he's about 16 inches long. That means he's running out of room and having to be quite squished. With his head down and pushing on my pelvis, I feel bad he has to be so cramped.

This past week, I had another ultrasound, and the technician was going to try to get a 3-D image for me. One problem. Richard had his feet up by his face. He had his hands up by his face. And he had the umbilical cord up in front of his face. It was almost as if he was saying, "You're not going to see me. You're not going to see my face. I'm hiding!" I did manage to get a good shot of his fist, and some head shots, along with another confirmation he's still a boy, and a picture of his big feet. :) But I haven't had a chance to scan them, so they'll be here next week.

As for me, the ongoing joys of being in your third trimester are still raging: my not-so-fun symptoms are intensifying this week, so I've been told it might not hurt to slow down a bit and focus on my. Not easy with a toddler around the house, but I'm doing the best I can. If I'm feeling extra fatigued, I've unfortunately joined the sleeping shouldn’t be this tough when I’m this tired club, especially since I'm experiencing a lot of S-I joint pain and general discomfort. I do have an appointment with a chiropractor on Thursday to see if he can help ease some of the pain. Just like when this pregnancy first started, I need to focus more on getting proper sleep. A pregnancy pillow won't work in our bed, since I married a 6'3" broad-shouldered man, and that kind of pillow takes up too much room, so a body pillow will have to do. I'm just glad I don't have to worry about the moodiness and mood swings. With everything else I'm doing, who has the time? :)

And now some words from the future field-goal kicker inside me:

All right, I can't be silent about this one. Mama has been squishing me a lot this week. Now, that might be because I'm growing bigger and there is less room. But I've had to kick and stretch and push against my confines a lot more. I've also been getting the hiccups more frequently. I hear Mama telling that guy with the deep voice about it. Then, she mentions something about gripe water, but I have a feeling that won't help me inside here. If it tastes as good as she says it does, though, I look forward to tasting it for the first time. I know my big sister loves it, and her hiccups go away almost instantly. Sure wish I could get these hiccups to go away that fast.

And speaking of that big sister, I've noticed the shrieking is getting less and less. Maybe Mama is finally getting through to her. That, or she's growing up and realizing she can't be yelling like that all the time. When I come out there, I'm not going to take too kindly to all that screeching. I might just have to do some yelling of my own to get it to stop. But that might hurt Mama's ears, so I hope I won't have to deal with it too much.

There was this patting and tapping too that happened a lot last week. Mama kept telling my big sister to stop hitting her baby brother, that Richard was going to kick her. Richard. I guess that's me. I hear that word a lot when Mama is talking about me. And there's Tori or Victoria who I suppose is my big sister. That word I hear even more often than Richard. It sounds pretty when I hear it. I just hope she's as nice as her name sounds when I finally get to meet her. Not sure, with all that noise and bumping against me. But something tells me I'm going to like having a big sister. Guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Now it's time for me again. The mama. :) That's it for now. Tune in each week for the latest. And if you want to receive an email each time I post an update, subscribe using the form over there at the top right.

Thanks for coming along this journey with me...some of you for the second time.

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