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Monday, December 29, 2008

Baby Update -- Week 28, 12 Weeks to Go!

Well, it's week 28. I've got 12 weeks to go on the full estimate. But a friend recently reminded me that anything after 36 weeks is considered full term. So, if this baby decides to come early, I could have as little as 8 weeks left. YIKES! I think I prefer the 12.

This little one's kicks are getting stronger these days, but one of my books advises me to pay attention. If I notice a significant drop in the number of kicks experienced per hour, I should make a phone call to my physician. So far, no worries in that department. I know that during the final weeks of pregnancy this in-house-football player will be kicking significantly less as he/she will lack the space to move about as vigorously. I've got lots of pelvic room, or so my doctor says, but I know baby will still start feeling cramped before too long. At least that hasn't happened yet.

And now for a few words from wee baby Stockton...

"Wee"? Me? I'm not so little anymore. I weigh almost 3 pounds and measure about 16 inches long! I can see light, blink my eyes, taste and smell too. That means I've started dreaming, and the most common dream I have is when I'll finally get to see Mommy face to face. I've heard her talking about meeting me. It will be love at first sight, I'm sure.

Let's see what else is in my skills repertoire. Add coughing, sucking, hiccupping and taking practice breaths, and I've got the lung thing down! Oh, and I recognize Mommy's voice! I love it the best when she's singing. Of course, there's this other voice that's deeper. Once in a while, it sounds so bad, but most of the time, it's loud and strong. I'm thinking it's Daddy, and he likes to goof off or make Mommy laugh with funny voices. I have a feeling he's going to be so silly when I finally meet him. If Mommy is giggling, I know I will.

Mommy recently told Daddy she feels like a barn with legs. I'm not sure what a barn is, but it must mean she feels big. Well, I hope she realizes that feeling won't go away before...well, until she finally gives birth to me. For now, I'm busy collecting fat and lots of it! It might not be much fun for Mommy, but it's going to keep me warm and healthy after birth. If she figures that out, I'm sure she'll be happy to endure the extra weight.

Yeah, I've been doing a lot of blinking, and you know what? I saw this bright light shining in one spot and then another on Mommy's belly. I think Daddy had what he calls a flashlight or something. Well, Mommy told him I might be able to see it, so I gave a good kick just to prove her right. I'm sure they both smiled at that.

The only other thing happening with me this week is my bone marrow developing red blood cells, while my super-cute adrenal glands--whatever they are--are producing something called androgen and estrogen. I heard Mommy reading that this will stimulate her hormones to begin milk production. Oh boy! I'll have something to eat when I'm born. I wonder if Mommy can say, "Moo?" :)

Ok, that's enough from the little one. Getting just a bit silly, like his/her Daddy. It's me again, the mommy.

Hubby and I started nesting this past week after Christmas. We analyzed the baby's space in the office and made plans to reorganize. Thanks to my sister-in-law, who will be taking our futon, we were able to disassemble it and stow it on our deck until she and her husband can come get it. That freed up an entire wall almost. So, we moved my glider rocker in that area and put down a dog bed with a large pillow for Roxie, our border collie. She used to sleep on the futon, but she's adjusted to the new bed just fine.

Then, we received a white chest of drawers with 4 drawers which is now in the closet next to where the pack-n-play will go. We took a look at cribs and options yesterday and decided a pack-n-play is our best for now. It has a high level for the crib, a changing station that swings out of the way during sleep or over the crib for changing, plus a playpen below when the baby gets big enough to sit up. It will work for now.

Hubby also went out today to get a shelf for above the dresser as well as a hanging canvas shelf with 6 pockets for diapers, clothing, etc. It's hanging from the bar right next to the dresser and makes that half of the closet look so nice. Once we get our Christmas boxes off the high top shelves, we'll have ourselves a functional and organized little baby corner. All we need is to bring in our travel system which we received for Christmas and the pack-n-play. Of course, bringing the baby home will make it complete. :)

Well, I guess that's about all for now.

Tune in next week for the first update of the new year. :) And if you want to receive an email each time I post an update, subscribe using the form over there at the top right. Thanks for coming along this journey with me.

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Unknown said...

It's nice to get everything read for baby...sounds like y'all are pretty much set! It doesn't seem like it's all that far away does it, before you'll be meeting that little one! :) Glad everythings going good for you!


cheryl c said...

I am glad that things are going so well for you and baby. Happy New Year to you...just think, 2009 will be a really special year for you!

Oh, I checked out Bustles and Spurs and saw that I won one of your books. Thanks so much!

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

Well, we'll be looking at a potential crib-toddler bed this afternoon. If we like it, it will be a joint gift from our family. Beyond that, we've just got small items and LOTS of diapers. LOL!

Hard to believe it's only 11-1/2 weeks away!

Yes, 2009 is going to be extra special.

And Cheryl, you're quite welcome on the book. Thanks for your support and your participation.