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Monday, December 17, 2007

My First Book Update!

The time is drawing near. My very first solo book releases in February of 2008. That's just 2 months away. *bites nails* How am I ever going to get everything done in time? There's marketing, publicity, edits on book 2, cover information on book 3, finishing book 3, getting through the Christmas season, hosting my family visiting in January and starting to look for a new house with my husband.


Days like these make me wonder about being an author, but then I recall the joy I get from crafting a story with words and bringing life to characters through the written word so that others might enjoy them. That along with knowing that I might make readers smile, cry, laugh or have a turning point in their lives because of something I wrote...and it's all worthwhile -- even the pressure and stress. :)

Another part that's fantastic is getting interviewed and spotlighted, just like I spotlight so many authors here. My turn is coming. Patience and perserverance have paid off.

The first of my interviews has been posted, with more to come:

My Interview in the ACFW e-zine Afictionado

But most importantly....


The book releases in February to the Heartsong Presents book club. That's a guaranteed reader base that's almost worldwide. From there, it makes its way into the databases of,, retail stores and many other outlets for sale. That will happen in April or sooner if my publisher can get the information circulating in time.

Thanks to fellow authors, I am going to be involved in a multi-author booksigning the first part of next year, then I fly back East toward the end of the year for another signing there, where my books are set.

This is going to change my life, but it's a welcome change. Before long, and once we're in our new house, I might have another change that involves a little addition...but we'll see what happens. :) For now, I have more than enough to keep me out of trouble -- or in trouble -- whatever the case may be!


Kim said...

So much good news in one post!! Congratulations, Tiff!! Looks like 2008 is going to be exciting for you and your family! I hope you will continue to share the journey here on your blog! Enjoy this wondrous time!


Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

Thanks, Kim! It is an exciting time. I'll share details as often as I'm able, but I'll try to keep them down to pertinent details to spare y'all the full rundown on my life. LOL!

Amy Wallace said...

Many congrats!

Your cover is beautiful. Keep hold of the reasons you write and that will go a long way. Can't wait to read your story and return the favor by featuring you soon!

Anonymous said...

God is so faithful! After all these years of faithfully waiting for a book to be published and for the right man to come along, God has certainly blessed you abundantly! You're in my prayers. Congratulations on your upcoming books!

Barbara (from way back at the Philadelphia Mentoring Weekend!)

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

Thanks, Amy and Barbara. Amy, let me know when you do want to feature me. I'll be looking to do a blog tour around April to May of 2008 once my book's available online and in retail stores.

Barbara, it's great to see you're still out there in the writing world and keeping in touch. From the early stages of our writing careers to now. Amazing how God works!