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Monday, December 10, 2007

Anita Renfroe, Colorado Snow & Roxie

Yes, I know, I haven't been here to post an update in the past few weeks. Last week, my husband and I had just listed over 400 books on Amazon for sale, and we were floored by how popular the sale has been. We've already sold over 100 books and shipped them on their way. Looks like Christmas is a great time to sell books. Many folks are getting great gifts for their friends and loved ones.

If you want to see the list, click on the link at the top of the page where it says, "Books for Sale" and follow the instructions in that post.

Now, for what else has been happening here the past few weeks, life has been hectic and has kept both my husband and me hopping. Everyone talks about how the holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Year's is among the busiest of the year, but I usually manage to avoid the frantic levels that most people are forced to endure.

Not this year. Sure, we've had our down time and we've been able to rest from the go-go-go pace, but it's been crazy.

It all started with driving down in a snowstorm (well snow in the air but not much accumulation on the ground) to the in-laws' for Thanksgiving the night before the big day. After a last-minute request from my s-i-l, we also picked up our niece and nephew AND transported our dog, Roxie, in our Pathfinder. That was quite an adventurous trip. Imagine a 5-year-old girl, an 11-year-old boy, a rambunctious 6-month-old puppy all in the back seat as we're driving through what looks like Star Wars in space with our headlights illuminating the dark roads...and you've got a recipe for fun and laughter.

Thanksgiving Pictures

Then, we arrive around 7pm to a houseful of family only to have our puppy race around the house and leave little "presents" in two places. Guess she got a little confused about which holiday this was. :) Thankfully, no real mess and easily cleaned. Phew!

The evening was spent relaxing and catching up, and most of us retired around 10pm. Stuart and I awoke early to take out Roxie but returned and stayed in bed a little while longer until the rest of the household decided to rise. And that's when the activity picked up its pace. Everyone seemed to have a task and we all worked together to bring the Thanksgiving meal to the table. Around 2pm, we were ready. Twelve of us gathered, shared laughter and fun and good food, and even teased Stu's sister about her sweet-potato mold in the bundt pan. That was probably the most memorable part.

Of course, for me, it was the first Thanksgiving I'd spent away from my family in all 31 years. Having a new family helped dispel my missing them a bit, but it was definitely a different experience. I know Christmas will feel the same, but at least I'll get a phone call again on the day to talk to everyone back East.

Next comes my time at a Girls Night Out event with Anita Renfroe. If you have never heard her or seen her live, you should make it a point to do so. She is hilarious and will have you in stitches, laughing so hard, your cheeks and your belly will hurt from the exercise they get. Just imagine how many calories you'll burn as a result. :)

I spent the evening with fellow writer friends from ACFW, drove up to Parker, CO and met them for dinner, then drove to the church. We had fantastic seats, and although I didn't participate in the 50 vendors for shopping, I did take some pictures during the performance and relished the chocolate and strawberry ice cream cake pieces they served us afterward.

Anita Renfroe Pictures

I won't spoil the details for anyone who hasn't seen her, but you can find her online, on YouTube and in your local Christian bookstore on DVD and CD. If you're looking for a great Christmas gift for a woman you know, this would be it!

After that, the next 2 weeks flew by with places to go, things to do, people to see. We filled it with attending a performance of The Nutcracker (first time I'd ever seen the ballet, although I've grown up listening to the music), a Christmas Madrigal party at Glen Eyrie (a local castle built by the founder of Colorado Springs for his wife), events at church and with our home group and other activities keeping our calendar full for the first 2 weeks after Thanksgiving.

Glen Eyrie Madrigal Dinner

This past weekend, though, we had our 2nd big snowstorm of the season. This one had many folks staying home as we accumulated 5-11 inches across the town, depending upon where you lived. Ice and sleet made driving risky, and the temperatures finally got down to winter-like numbers. The white powder dusted everything, and the bare tree branches were covered in ice and snow. It created a pristine winter landscape straight out of a painting.

Colorado Springs' 2nd Snow

Finally, we have lots more of our puppy, Roxie. She's growing every day it seems and has passed the 40-lb. mark. She's only 6 months old! Good thing we'll be getting a house next year, or she'd outgrow our condo real quick!

Roxie pix -- more and more!

That's all for this week. Come back Wednesday for another author spotlight and next week, I'll be sharing some great news about my first book releasing in February.

Until then...

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