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Friday, May 04, 2007

Journal Entry -- Raelene Strattford (Promises, Promises)

Before I share more from Raelene's journal, I want to do a little recap for those of you who might not be familiar with Raelene. She is the main character in my upcoming novel, to be released in January 2008. Earlier this year, after a challenge from another fellow author to "get into your character's head," I decided it might be fun to see where Raelene would take me if I did that.

So, her journal entries were born.

I haven't stuck with it every Friday, as there are times when other topics arise or bonus spotlights, etc. However, if you go back through the archives from the past 4 months and check the Friday postings, you'll be able to catch up on everything to this point.

Perhaps reading more about her will peak your interest to pick up the book come January and finish her story. :)

With that said, the next entry:

Today, Mar showed me how to blend the wax we dip to allow for a multi-color display when the cooled wax candle is carved. The entire process fascinates me. There are a certain number of dips that must be made in each color for the blend to be completed successfully. Then, the wax has to cool to a certain temperature in order for the second color to be added without melting the previous layer.

Kaariana came calling after she had completed her studies for the day. When she observed the work Mar and I were doing, she wished to assist as well. Together, we accomplished three times more than I had alone. Papa took our cooled wax to another table in the back of the shop for carving. Kaariana and I were both fascinated by the result when Papa put his knife to the soft wax.

The curls began at the top as he sliced through the various layers, shaping and molding the carvings back against the original wax piece. Sometimes, the curls would be a completely different color. Other times, it would be a mixture of several colors. Each candle was unique, and we received the highest payment for these.

It is a good thing Papa selected this shop location. The front window is protected from the sun's heat by the large maple tree in front. Because of that, we are able to display our finer candles for all to see. Townsfolk come at all times of the day and early evening, and we have had some requests for specific needs.

I love this work, but I admit. Kaariana makes everything more enjoyable. She cannot replace my dear cousins, but her smile and mischievous nature are a welcome respite against the young gentleman who come calling or the pretentious boars who attempt to impress me with tales of their accolades. Thanks be to God I am not yet of the age where I need be considering this, but Mar tells me it will not be too much longer.

Pray, that times passes slowly, for if the young men here are any indication of my options, I would prefer to remain with Mar and Papa.


Cherie J said...

Cool! I enjoy these character spotlights.

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

It's good to get some feedback, Cherie. Thanks. And hope you get some good news on your mom soon.