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Monday, May 07, 2007

8 Weeks Down; 12 to Go!

That's right. Only 3 more months. Better yet, just ONE WEEK until I see my beloved fiance again. Feel like doing a happy dance right now. :) If only you could see me. You know that saying "a picture is worth a thousand words"? Right now, it's so true.

Of course, with the excitement comes a little bit of stress or head-butting with my immediately family, but thankfully, the storm blows over quickly. I have to make sure I'm not being overbearing or unreasonable when it comes to requests or reactions to circumstances and situations. Certainly had my fair share of them so far. And there are bound to be more. At least I can rely on my overall relaxed nature to help me, as well as my calming-antidote fiance. *winks* Always get an outside opinion. Works wonders!

Now, for what happened last week:

* met with an event planner, but have a strong feeling we won't be hiring her due to the cost when we can gather friends and other detail-oriented folks to help.
* met with a videographer, but again, while the fancy options might be unique, we don't feel it's worth the high cost, when we can have 3 video cameras set up on tripods to record and ask someone attending the wedding to capture the big moments.
* finalized the rehearsal dinner locations and sent off the top 5 choices/options to my fiance's family for their decision; hoping to have a pick by the end of this week.
* received my "bride name change kit" in the mail and cringed at all the paperwork I have to file in order to take care of the legal part of getting married. :)
* welcomed a friend to help me inventory what I have here at home, so I can know what I'm leaving behind and what I'm taking when I move; this will also enable me to go out to visit my fiance with a list where we can decide what of mine I'm bringing and what of his we're keeping; once we figure that out, I will probably call home and tell my family what they can remove and sell at the community yard sale while I'm gone.
* cleared out the storage locker of my items and inventoried everything.
* finalized the order for the invitations and few extra accessories; they should be in here in about 5 days.
* had our first premarital counseling session last week via phone with my fiance while I sat in the room with the pastor (I felt it went well and we even shared a few laughs).
* scheduled our next session for after I return from Colorado

I believe that's everything...I think. Maybe I should start coming here after each thing and jotting it down then saving the draft so I don't leave anything out. For all I know, I could be forgetting something very important. Oh well. If I do, I'll come back and add it. :)

This week, we have a meeting with another planner from my church who helps with weddings taking place there. We'll see what that brings for cost.

I also have to chat with my fiance about what I'm packing and bringing with me for my trip. Hard to believe it's almost here! I'll have another post next Monday and will try to post from out there the week after, as I'll still be in Colorado then.

Thanks for continuing to hang with me as we travel this adventure together. See you next week!


Southern-fried Fiction said...

I can't believe how much fun I'm having following this with you, Tiff. (BTW, I told my son what he missed out on. ;) He said to congratulate y'all.)

And about that wedding/event planner? Heavens, girl - for generations, women have planned their own for free! LOL Nothing against wedding planners, mind you.

Our church has a couple of gals (wedding consultants) who get a nominal fee for doing all that stuff. It's their ministry. Does your church have one? Might help, but you can do this yourself. Shoot, you're too far along to bother. MOO.

Anonymous said...

Hope this week buzzes by! :)

Plans for Tiff's trip out are falling togehter nicely.

Horseback riding in the Garden of the Gods, movies, seeing Wicked in Denver, mountain drives, Pikes Peak... and then of course all the important stuff of inventory, registry, music selection, meeting the family.

Hope next week goes slow! :)


Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

LOL! I know, Ane. And we've all but dismissed the idea, so don't have a coronary. :)

We *do* have a coordinator at the church and will be meeting with her this week to see what she can do for the actual ceremony. We've got the reception covered.

And Stuart, forgot the 2nd most important part of my visit -- plans for the sparkly thing. *winks*

Cheryl said...

I feel the same way you do, Tiff. Why spend megabucks when I can be happy with a trimmed down version for free or a nominal fee. My uncle video taped our wedding. We meet with at least 3 videographers before agreeing not to bother. I can't tell you when the last time was that I looked at our wedding photos, never mind the tape.

The woman who helped at our church did it for free, but we did pay her and the church something anyway.

There are only two things I can honestly say I didn't regret dishing out loads of cash on--my dress and the music. Trying not to sound conceited, but I did look great in the dress. The bridal consultant did a great job of helping me chose the one that would flatter my figure. For music, we had a three piece string orchestra. My in-laws pitched a fit because there was no big band playing Greek music, but it was our day--not theirs. The hubby and I were both very happy with it.

Good luck with the plans.

Cheryl M.

Jennifer Y. said...

Wow you were really busy.

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

Cheryl, you're so right. When Mom and I assembled the budget, we realized just what we didn't need. Having a planner sounds nice, but not at the cost it would've been. Same with the videographer.

We can just record and have a couple of cameras there, then pull out the high points and edit them ourselves if we've a notion.

I'm with you on the gown and music though. Wasn't gonna skimp on those. And I don't regret it!