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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Author Spotlight Post-poned

Although this would normally be the day I post an author spotlight, I have something much better...especially to those of you who like historical fiction of any kind.

Many know that is my primary genre focus for my writing, although I also have a women's fiction and romantic comedy done and am trying my hand at a cozy mystery. However, history has been a favorite topic for years. So, when I was invited to be part of a team hosting a brand new historical fiction blog, I jumped at the opportunity.

Three weeks ago, Favorite Pastimes was launched. We have six hosts and are each taking turns hosting a week, sharing details about our books, our writing, research, favorite genres, and covering every period of historical fiction from Biblical to World War II. We even have author spotlights and interviews over there.

This week, it's my week to host. So, posting here won't be as frequent.

I'm sharing about my own journey in decided to write historical fiction as well as details about the inspiration behind my current series. The first book is with an editor, and I'm waiting on the final decision. Praying hard that my first contract will come by the end of the year.

So, if you'd like to take a look, come on over to:

Favorite Pastimes

Hope to see you there!

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