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Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Mishaps with Mom - Cereal Art & Tired Baby

This week is for those "helpful" older siblings who in their minds are doing what they can to alleviate Mom's burden, only they end up creating more work in the process.

Now, many of you here know I'm an author. And that means I have deadlines for completing books. My editors don't like it too much if I'm late. Thankfully, they allow quite a bit of time in between each deadline, but as we all know, life loves to get in the way of our best intentions. The same holds true for attempting to write a book on deadline, and even getting started early. I start out great and establish a somewhat decent routine each day. Then, a doctor's appointment, a sick kid, a teething kid, or a kid who won't sleep, interrupts that routine.

Sometimes the interruption is necessary. Sometimes, it's an imposition. And sometimes, it's downright funny...even though you need to scold the older sibling in the process.

That's what happened this week. My son was in his jumperoo, having a grand old time bouncing and playing with his toys surrounding him or hanging from the cloth bar above his head. It all seemed so peaceful, and the kids were in the playroom, playing nicely.

That should have been my first clue.

I'm in the middle of cleaning up supper when all of a sudden, I hear, "Oh no...Tori! No!" I shut off the water and rushed into the other room, almost colliding with my daughter running away from my husband. It took me a moment or two to figure out what happened. Then, I got a good look at my son. You can see it best in the picture to the right.

Yep. My daughter decided her little brother needed more to eat, so she grabbed the cereal bowl and fed him. Only she didn't get the cereal in his mouth. Instead, she painted with it all over his head and ears. I have to say, it isn't easy scolding and reprimanding one child for doing something she shouldn't be doing, when all you want to do is laugh at the comical sight. But laughing would only encourage her to do it again. So, we had to force stern faces when we spoke to her, then smile and snap pictures behind the wall, out of her view. Let's just say it's a good thing that night was bath night. Our son really needed it.

Oh, and this past weekend, I was at my desk working with my son sitting in my lap. He was playing with my arms or random paper he could reach. But after about 20 minutes, he grew very still. One moment he's content watching my type. The next, his head is down on my desk and he's fast asleep. I guess my schedule is wearing him out too. :)

Tune in next week for the next "Monday Mishap with Mom." See you then!

And you can always look at the labels at the bottom of the right column to find "monday mishaps with mom" and read up on any week you've missed. My goal is to encourage mothers who feel a bit frazzled, and to help brighten your day as you start off your week. You're not alone.

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