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Monday, July 04, 2011

Monday Mishaps with Mom

Before I begin, I want to wish a happy 4th of July and Independence Day to everyone in the United States who might be reading this today. Here in Colorado, we're under extreme fire danger due to the lack of rain, so that means no grilling, and only controlled fireworks displays. Shucks!

Anyway, starting today, every Monday on this blog will be a short little vignette about the life of an author and writer with 2 little ones underfoot. Let me say this, it makes for rather interesting experiences...even without throwing my career from home into the mix. Those of you who have been through or are currently going through this phase in your life know exactly what I mean. :) But writing with young children brings its own set of adventures and mishaps.

My goal with these weekly posts is to encourage mothers who might be feeling a bit frazzled, and to inspire giggles or laughs to help brighten your day as you start off your week.

So, let's see. Which mishap should I highlight to start? Oh, I've got it!

I have revisions due on my latest manuscript for a book due out in the Fall this year. So, I'm working on those every spare chance I get. My infant son was down for his morning nap, and my toddler daughter was happily watching a Wiggles DVD.

Or so I thought.

It was rather quiet, so I decided to take a break and check on her....only to find out she wasn't in the room! With my ears, I heard her in the baby monitor and realized she'd gone downstairs to the baby's room (our bedrooms are on the lower level of our house).

Frantic, I rushed down the stairs, trying not to make too much noise and risk startling either child. Lo and behold, a sight that can only be described as comical greeted my eyes.

My daughter had climbed up onto the changing table and made her way into her brother's crib. She had pulled down several stuffed animals from the foundation ledge running along the one wall of the bedroom, and she'd managed to completely bury her brother in animals, surrounding herself with them in the process.

And my son? He was blissfully asleep and unaware of anything amiss.

Praise God for a sound sleeper!

As for my daughter? I immediately lifted her from the crib, returned the stuffed animals to their place on the ledge, and left the room, nudging my daughter out ahead of me. All the while, I managed to keep my cool and not yell. Thank God for that. :)

So, what sleeping baby story do you have to share? It can be from your own experience with your children or a story of another child. I'd love to hear some.

Tune in next week for the next "Monday Mishap with Mom." See you then!

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