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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Welcome Margaret Daley and Protecting Her Own

This week, we have another Margaret in the spotlight. :) She has sold 75 books so far and keeps on writing!

Please interact with our guest authors by answering the question they provide. Your response will also enter you in the drawing for a free book.


MARGARET DALEY is an award winning, multi-published author in the romance genre. One of her romantic suspense books, Hearts on the Line, won the ACFW Book of the Year Contest. Recently she has won the Golden Quill Contest, FHL’s Inspirational Readers’ Choice Contest, Winter Rose Contest, Holt Medallion and the Barclay Gold Contest. She wrote for various secular publishers before the Lord led her to the Christian romance market. She currently writes inspirational romance and romantic suspense books for the Steeple Hill Love Inspired lines, romantic suspense for Abingdon Press and historical romance for Summerside Press. She has sold seventy-five books to date.

Margaret is currently the President for American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), an organization of over 2200 members. She was one of the founding members of the first ACFW local chapter, WIN in Oklahoma. She has taught numerous classes for online groups, ACFW and RWA chapters. She enjoys mentoring other authors.

by Margaret Daley
Published by Steeple Hill/Love Inspired Suspense


Nothing short of her dad's stroke could bring professional bodyguard Cara Madison back to Virginia. But her homecoming turns explosive with a pipe-bomb package addressed to her father. Cara knows two things for sure. First, someone's after either her father or her…or both. And second, this job is too big to handle on her own. Unexpected help comes from agent Connor Fitzgerald. Years ago she'd walked away from him…and love. Now, despite their unresolved feelings, they must join forces—and settle their scarred past—to survive.

Readers, buy your copy of Protecting Her Own (Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense) today!


Falling in Love Without Falling in Bed
By Margaret Daley

The Five Love Languages
from Gary Chapman

When two people are in a relationship, it is important for each one of them to demonstrate in some way the importance of the other in his/her life. The problem often arises in a relationship when these two people don’t speak the same love language. They don’t speak to the other’s deepest emotional need (a need that has been shaped by their childhood). We want to be loved by the other and valued as worth loving by that person. So how you express your love is important in a relationship. You may be saying, “I love you,” to your significant other, but he isn’t hearing it because he doesn’t speak your language.

These are the five love language:

1) Words of Affirmation-Some people need to hear the words from their loved one to believe they are loved. They need verbal compliments and praises.

2) Receiving Gifts-To others the receiving of a gift from their loved one tells them they are loved by that person. The gifts don’t necessarily have to be expensive. The thought behind the gift is what is most important. It tells the person he was thinking about her. In a time of turmoil the gift of your presence can be what is valued the most.

3) Acts of Service-There are some who need love expressed through doing something for them. It could be something like doing the dishes or taking out the trash. It is important the act of service is given freely, not demanded.

4) Quality Time-Another love language is spending quality time with your loved one. I don’t just mean being with him. I mean really talking and listening to him. You must be totally focused on him to the exclusion of everything else. Within this are also quality activities. When doing things together, one should want to do the activity and the other has agreed. You are showing your love by doing the activity together.

5) Physical Touch-A touch on his arm as you walk by, holding hands on a couch, or a back rub when he is tense can be to some an expression of love. There are many levels of physical touch and not all have to be intimate to show you love someone.

With your characters determine which love language he/she speak and use that in your story to show love as well as to keep a distance between two people.

* * * * *

Thank you, Margaret, for sharing with us today.

Guest Question: Which love language are you? Why do you say that?

ENTRY RULES Readers, leave your email address (name at domainname dot com/net) along with your answer to the question for your chance to win a FREE autographed copy of the book above. If you do not answer the question, and your email address isn't provided, you will not be entered.

This week, the contest is open to US/Canada residents only.


Kacie said...

I am definitely a quality time person. I've taken the love languages test a few times, and it is always a very clear "quality time." I love sitting down to chat with people, and when I feel loved by my husband when he makes time for me. Sometimes you can show love and receive love in different love languages. I'm pretty much all around quality time.


Margaret Daley said...

Kacie, I'm words of affirmation and quality time. Sometimes you have two love languages that are almost equal. Thanks, for stopping by.

Jackie S. said...

Hi Margaret, guess I am more affirmation, however, I agree with you...sometimes we have two! Am so anxious to read your book...thanks for this chance!

squiresj said...

I am number 1 - I need affirmation but I never get it. I give it a lot. But no one seems to value me or every tell me they do.
Margaret I dropped my facebook but will still chat with you online.
jrs362 at hotmail dot com

Merry said...

Words of affirmation are so important to me. I need to hear that I am loved and appreciated. I grew up not hearing that was worthy of love. I try to always express love with my words. Great reminder that others may need to be loved in a different way.
worthy2bpraised at gmail dot com

Juanita W said...

Definitely words of affirmation is the best for me. Quality love the Lord invites us to beats any other style. One has to be devoted to the Lord to walk right in a relationship. Juanita W

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

I am "acts of service" at the top with "quality time" a very close second. People have said things to me all my life, but if they don't take the time to show me, it doesn't have as lasting of an effect.

My husband is "touch" at the top, so I'm having to adjust how I show love to mean the most to him.

Your natural tendency is to show love the same way you like to receive it, but you need to speak others' languages to have the greatest impact. And Juanita you're right. A solid relationship with Christ is the only way you can do that effectively.

Margaret Daley said...

It's fun to look at what love language you are and the people close to you. It helps you relate to them better.

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

I agree, Margaret. Not only fun, but essential if you want your relationship with those people to be the best it can be.

rbooth43 said...

I am also an acts of service with quality time added in person.I love helping out my freinds when they need help and also help where help as needed! I love sitting down to chat with people,or talk on the phone, or chat on the computer.I love reading suspense with romance included, and Protect Her Own sounds like a great book!

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

Rebecca, you and I sound like 2 peas in a pod. :) If only most around me weren't always so busy with their own lives. Might be able to spend more quality time with them. My lifelong friends are now scattered all across the country.

Going to keep searching out locally.