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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Spotlight on K. Dawn Byrd and Killing Time

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K. Dawn Byrd is an author of inspirational romance. Queen of Hearts, a WWII romantic suspense released in April and was Desert Breeze Publishing's bestselling novel for the month. Killing Time, a contemporary romantic suspense released August 1, also with Desert Breeze Publishing. She is an avid blogger and gives away several books per week on her blog at , most of which are signed by the authors. She's also the moderator of the popular facebook group, Christian Fiction Gathering.

When not reading or writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband of 14 years, walking their dogs beside a gorgeous lake near her home, and plotting the next story waiting to be told.


Publisher: (there will be links in August at this site to purchase from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, the Sony ebook store and others)


by K. Dawn Byrd
Published by Desert Breeze Publishing


Mindy McLaurin, thinks it's the end of the world when she's incarcerated on trumped-up embezzlement charges. While in jail, she investigates the death of an inmate who allegedly died of an overdose. Mindy suspects foul play when her cellmate dies and she learns that both women had ingested the same drug. Mindy trusts no one, including Drew Stone, the handsome counselor she can’t stop thinking about. She faces many challenges, including constant interrogation by the Major and emotional abuse from the other inmates. Upon release, someone is stalking her and framing her for the murder. Can she prove to Counselor Stone that she’s innocent of all charges before she loses him forever?


1. What gave you the inspiration for this story?

Not too many years ago, I worked as a counselor in a jail. I've always been an avid reader and wanted to try my hand at writing one day. I began to jot down notes about the jail setting, thinking that I might use it eventually in a book. It wasn't long until characters formed in my head, begging me to tell their story.

2. How much of your own experiences influenced your characters? What aspects became traits that were theirs and theirs alone?

Of course, I'd experienced my heroine's setting because I worked in a jail. My heroine loves hot cars and Nancy Drew just as I do. She also suffers from migraines, which unfortunately, plague me from time to time.

3. If your hero/heroine were an ice cream flavor, what would he/she be and why?

Mindy would be strawberry ice cream. She's sweet, innocent, and a little old fashioned.

4. Are there any themes in Killing Time that you hope the reader sees? Are there any themes that weren't overt but developed as the story progressed?

Readers should see that Mindy is a strong Christian, but she's not perfect. She becomes angry with God when incarcerated and eventually comes to the point that she has only God and can't make it without Him. Readers should see that even though she's in her darkest hour, God is with her.

5. What were your most difficult parts to write? Your favorite?

The most difficult part to write was the show down toward the end of the book. I wanted to bring Mindy's emotions into the reader's heart as she's held against her will by a murderer. I rewrote that scene several times in an attempt to make it more real for the reader.

My favorite scene is in the classroom at the jail when the counselor Mindy's fallen for begins to see her as the beautiful woman she is. She believed that she'd never have a chance with him because when she became an inmate, she became everything he was against.

6. When is your next book coming out and what is the story?

I'm working on my fifth novel right now. Desert Breeze has novels one and two. I've not yet decided where I'll place three and four. An agent is looking at those and I plan to take his advice.

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Thank you, Dawn, for being in the spotlight with us.

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Question from Dawn: I've told you what aspects of myself went into my heroine's character. If you were to write a novel, what aspects of yourself would you attribute to your heroine?

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Anonymous said...

I like to think a little of me goes into all my heroines. Colors, moods, the effect of another person's words. Often, it has to do with nature. Sometimes it's a Bible verse or a quote that makes me think and comes out later in a character.

Anonymous said...

Being a retired teacher and having given 32 years of my life to the school room, I would have to have my heroine be a loving and caring teacher of middle school kids.

Emma Bedford

Kym McNabney said...

Actually, I am writing a novel. Several in fact. What part of me goes into my characters? I would have to say many of the things I’ve experience in my life, the trials and tribulations and how God has worked everything for the good. I’m also involved in the prison ministry, as well as a foster home for Collie Rescue of Great IL. I have in mind more than one story that will involve both of them.


Sandra Stiles said...

I too am working on a book. As a teacher I have always had to force myself to take chances because I have always been fairly shy. I had to learn to step out of my comfort zone. My main character must do the same. She must be caring and put others first, she must put herself in danger taking chances she never would in her own time.
Thanks for the oportunity to win this ebook.


K. Dawn Byrd said...

Thanks for the comments! I believe that we must experience some things in order to write about them in a way to move our readers emotionally. If you've never experienced love, how can you write about it in a manner that makes readers want to feel it too? If you've never had a loss or experienced grief, how can you get the emotion down on the page? There are certain things I wish I had not experienced in life, but because I have, I believe I can bring a more emotional experience to the reader.

karenk said...

i think that i would have my heroine be a 'caring' person...

kmkuka at yahoo dot con

rbooth43 said...

My heroine would have had a great love, a terrible loss and experienced grief just as I have. My heroine would have the trait of a caring friend with many mixed emotions. Though all that I have experienced God has been with me.
God Bless You, Dawn.

rbooth43 at yahoo dot com

Sheryl Barnes said...

My heroine would be one who has been through adversity; one who has had the loss of a close loved one; and through it all has experienced God work through the sorrow and pain to make her a stronger person.

opramum said...

I would want my love of Christ show through in my actions louder than my words. Most importantly in the area of compassion, integrity and kindness.

Unknown said...

Good question.... My passion is teaching the Bible to others, mainly adults and seeing the "light" come on in their eyes. My second passion is for those who don't know Jesus. So I would like to see this come through in my character(s).

latawniakintz [at] gmail [dot] com

K. Dawn Byrd said...

Many of your comments remind me of why I write for the inspirational market. I could have gone secular, but chose to write for the Lord. Maybe one day I'll write something clean that doesn't go against my Christian values for the secular or crossover market, but I've not been led in that direction yet. I strive to be in God's will every day.

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

We have a winner from this spotlight, and that is:


Congratulations! I've sent your information to Dawn so she can send out your e-book.

As always, thanks to everyone for your continued support.