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Monday, April 13, 2009

Victoria Elizabeth Stockton - Week 1

It's doubtful that I'll be counting up by the week ad infinitum, but for now, it works. :) There isn't much to report from the first week home. As most of you know, babies don't do a whole lot at the start. Eat, sleep and mess their diapers. And we've had plenty of that. The good news is that everything is normal, which brings a great sigh of relief.

Let's see.

Victoria had her first doctor's visit at 4 days old, and she was given a clean bill of health other than a request to return in 2 days for a weight check. She had lost 1lb. in the hospital and the pediatrician wanted to make sure she was still gaining. Boy, did she! When we brought her back Wednesday, she had gained 7 ounces in two days! Little porker. LOL!

I also attended the first breastfeeding support group meeting last week and will be going again tomorrow. It's encouraging to meet with other moms, but even better to be able to weigh your child before and after to see just how much they are getting from you. Unlike a bottle with a measurable line, breastfeeding is harder to gauge. I know Tori is getting enough, because she's content, but I like to see the numbers.

She's only had 2 exhausting nights where she kept me up most of the night fussing or wanting to be held, rocked, walked around, etc. Otherwise, she's pretty much on a 3-hour cycle of feeding/sleeping with 2-3 periods of alert, eyes wide open moments. We've been so blessed with a beautiful and seemingly even-tempered angel. Likely due to the laid back attitude of Mom and Dad. :)

Yesterday was Easter, and we bought her a dress to wear to church. It also snowed quite a bit in the morning, so instead of a sunny day, we had all white. And when we got to church, we didn't even make it past the front door or entryway of the lobby before being surrounded by everyone wanting to see the baby. Tori slept through the service though and did great.

We drove down to her grandparents (Stu's parents) that afternoon for dinner, and some of the family came to see her. Still waiting for her great-grandparents to return from their winter in Arizona and her aunt and uncle from Denver, as well as our cousins with her 2nd cousin. Of course, my side of the family arrives Friday, and we're spending a week in Vail. It's the first grandbaby and first niece for my side, and that's big stuff. So, I don't know if I'll have a post next week or not. All depends on the internet connection.

Other than that, she's been smiling, taking in the world, loving to be rocked and held, and just being a huge blessing to our lives. The days pass so fast, but I'll be glad to get back into a routine or part of my old schedule so I can actually know which day is which. They've all blurred together so far. Stu goes back to work tomorrow, so I'm on my own for 3 days until my family arrives.

Praying I will be able to handle everything.

Until next week....


Mocha with Linda said...

Oh she is absolutely precious! And how well I remember the fog of that first month! That's about all I remember! Sleep when she sleeps and don't worry about anything else!!

I can almost smell that sweet baby head!

Anonymous said...

congratulations! she is beautiful!
enjoy ever moment :)

Carole said...

Tori is beautiful and I enjoyed reading about your first week. My "little girl" just got married last month, so enjoy every minute with this precious little one.

Linda said...

Keep the pics and comments coming! I enjoy reading about Victoria and how she is developing, along with your version of what she is thinking!

Anonymous said...

Oh! She is absolutely beautiful! I remember the fog of the first few years, too. All 5 times! LOL! There was a lot of fog . . . you will be fine with her while Stu's at work, you'll see. And like Mocha said, sleep when she sleeps! It helps a lot. I'm so happy for you! While I was catching up on your blog, I was remembering our conversations 9-10 years ago about life. It's so cool to see where God has brought you! Can't wait for more pictures and updates.

Pat Iacuzzi said...

Hi Tiff-

She is truly beautiful--what lovely features! :) Blessings on Tori, you & hubby. I'd like to comment on things further, but my son is 35 now--and I can't remember that far back! LOL! Pat I.

windycindy said...

Love the Easter picture!
I get you had a great Easter enjoying your little blessing!

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

Thanks so much, everyone, for your kind words about Victoria...and for your encouragement/prayers as we adjust to this new schedule. I know it'll get better. It's just all new for now.

And yes, when I'm tired, I nap when she does. Thankfully, she is on a 3-hour cycle for the most part, so I get a good 1-1/2 to 2 hours when I sleep with her. Phew! Makes a BIG difference.

Cheryl said...

How beautiful! Thanks for the update.

I'm glad to see you're being smart and napping when she does. Eventually you'll get back into your routine and you'll think that she's always been around.

Have fun!


Andi said...

She is just beautiful Amber! I am so incredibly happy for all of you!

Michelle E. said...

Hey Amber, what a bundle of Heaven you got. God sure is smiling on your hubby and ya, enjoy your precious girl. My the time seems to fly, my first born turn 19 on the 3rd of May this year. Many congra's for your happiness.

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

Thanks again for the encouragement and support. I'll try to have another post later tonight.