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Monday, February 09, 2009

Baby Update -- Week 34, 6 Weeks to Go!

Amazing to think we only have 6 weeks to go if the baby cooks that long. For the first yesterday, I'm sure I felt a contraction, although the doctor assures me I've been having them for some time now. I just haven't felt them. Really tight stomach and a rolling sensation across the muscles that I know for certain wasn't the baby. Then, a few moments later, my tummy was soft again. If I'm not touching my belly, though, I don't notice them. Makes me wonder what the labor contractions will feel like---how severe, etc. Guess I'll have to ask Mom what she felt with my older brother. :)

Fatigue is still plaguing me, but is it any wonder, given the physical strain I'm under and the restless nights of frequent bathroom breaks and tossing and turning, while trying to get comfortable. I know I'm supposed to slow down and save up my energy for labor day (and beyond), but there is so much to do, I don't have time to slow down. I also move slower these days, which inhibits what I'd like to be doing, as blood pools in my feet and legs every once in a while, causing a temporary drop in blood pressure when I get up. I've only been dizzy once, so I try to remember to stand slowly.

I had my 33-week appointment last week and the doctor said it's almost like I read a textbook before coming in to see him. LOL! Baby's heartbeat was 155, and I measured at 34 weeks, which is right on target. My blood pressure was 117/78 and looking great. I also lost a pound from the last appointment, so I've only gained 10 pounds overall with this pregnancy. I'm excited! That means when all is said and done, I will weigh less after that post-partum period than what I did when this pregnancy began. Yay!

Can't say the same for the baby, though. Then again, this little one *needs* to gain weight....

Ugh! I'm getting SO fat. I weigh over 5 pounds, measure almost 18 inches and am rapidly running out of room in here. Doesn't stop me from kicking and punching and doing my morning aerobics though. As soon as that thing I think Mommy and Daddy call a dog or Roxie nudges Mommy in the morning, I stretch and go through my morning routine...much to Mommy's dismay. :) My fat is making me rounder and my skin is finally becoming smooth.

I'm also on the move as much as possible, but the big journey ahead of me is changing positions so my head is down and my feet are up. I have no idea how that could possibly be comfortable for the next 5-6 weeks, but something tells me I should make the switch. Upside down doesn't seem logical, but I feel compelled to do it, so I'm starting to make plans to move. Mommy will no doubt appreciate the relief to her ribs, organs and lungs. She might actually be able to breathe again. Oh wait, she lives at over 6,000 feet. Never mind. Forget the breathing. *winks*

Oh, and as I move, Mommy's pelvic muscles are tightening, so they're not as loose as they used to be. She can't do all those spastic dance moves now, for fear that her hips will fall off. :)

In other news, my little liver is almost fully-formed and able to process a certain amount. Actually, most of my physical development is pretty much up to snuff and ready for the outside world. But I'm not sure I'm ready. I mean, I've heard it's cold out there and scary. It's warm and cozy in here and Mommy does a good job making sure I get enough to eat and all of my vitamins. I'm sure she'll do the same once I'm on the outside too. I just don't know how eager I am to make an appearance. Guess we'll play it by ear.

Besides, I still have a few more pounds to gain yet and 42 days to go...

Ok, back to me again. The books tell me that "lightening" will happen this week or next. I honestly haven't felt too much pressure anywhere. We'll see how I feel once the baby drops and shifts to head-down position. Oh, I can just imagine. My poor bladder. And that cute little waddle hubby says I have will only get worse. It's going to feel like I'm carrying a watermelon between my legs. I'm not even in any kind of picnic race either. Of course, there IS a prize at the end, and that's being able to finally hold this little one. So, I'd say it's worth the short-term discomfort.

My next appointment is next week and then I start going every week until the baby is born. Doc will be doing the Group B Strep test at the next one, but my immune system is quite strong, so I'm sure I'll pass. It's the final test before the baby. So exciting!

Other than that, thanks to my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, hubby and I purchased a bargain of a bedset with the Noah's Ark theme that came with a lamp, bookends, nightlight cover, two fitted sheets, bumper, comforter, dust ruffle, window valance, two small pillow cases, diaper stacker and diaper pail skirt. All for just $85! We don't have a window in the baby's area of the office, so we stretched the valance out over the top of the closet. And the comforter is a wall hanging. Take a look at the pictures I've included.

We're almost feeling ready. Just some clothes and diapers I believe. Oh, and a baby monitor along with a handful of other things on our registries. Of course, I don't know how many onesies and sleep-n-plays you should have or even outfits. We only have 5 outfits for when the baby is older/bigger, 2 packs of 0-3 month onesies and 1 pack of 0-3 month sleep-n-plays. The rest are for 3-6 and 6-9 months. I have a feeling we'll be making a run to get clothes not too long after birth. :)

That's about all for today. I have to get ready to head out for our final birthing class tonight. Be back next week with more.

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cheryl c said...

The baby's room looks ADORABLE!

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

Thanks! We love looking at it and smile each time. Of course, now hubby is getting impatient for baby to get here. LOL! Moreso than I am I think. :)

We've done the best we can with the space we have and are pleased with how it's all turned out.

Unknown said...

Love your nursery nursery is still incomplete as far as being organized, lol (but the baby's in our room for now anyway so I have time). Ran out of time...oh and I noticed you have the same diaper pail as I do. Your Noah's ark theme is cute! Looks like you're pretty much set! Looks great :)

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

Well, we still don't have much in the way of clothing and diapers for the baby, but we have a shower on March 1st. Going to pray for both. :)

Other than that, I *think* we're close and about as ready as we can get. You never really are, though, so we're fixing to go with the flow. LOL!

Don't sweat on not being done. Babies don't care as long as they're fed, warm and loved. You've got a few months before they even start to notice their surroundings.