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Friday, April 18, 2008

Promises, Promises Blog Tour -- July 2008 -- Hosts Needed!


I'm thrilled to announce that Promises, Promises will hit, and other online retailers this coming July! I am prepared to send out copies of the book to influencers who will help me get the word out by posting reviews and/or hosting me on their blog. If you think you'll be able to assist me in promoting Promises, Promises, please send me an email letting me know what you’d like to do. I greatly appreciate any assistance. You’re all the best.

The tour will take place from Monday, July 7th through Saturday, July 26th (excluding Sundays), 2008. My book will also be part of the CFBA Tour during this time from Monday, July 21st through Wednesday, July 23rd. So, if you're a member of CFBA, you can request the book through that venue and still be part of the overall tour. If you wish an additional component to add to what CFBA provides, feel free to email me after finishing this invitation.

The theme of the book is the promise that God will never leave or forsake us, no matter what happens in life.

I would love for you to host me on your blog by featuring an:

  • an interview

  • a guest appearance

  • or a book review

Offer a free book as a prize to anyone who leaves a comment. Books will be provided for reviews and giveaways as needed, and I will mail the free copy to the winner so you don't have to incur the cost of shipping.

Email me with:

  • the date you prefer (Monday, July 7th through Saturday, July 26th -- excluding Sundays)

  • the URL of your blog (and title if applicable)

  • the type of feature(s) you will be doing (interview, guest blogger, book review)

  • your snail mail address, so I can mail your influencer copy to you

I prefer all interview questions to be sent no later than June 30th to allow me time to answer them. If you decide to have me as a guest on your blog and have a preference for a topic, please get that to me by June 30th as well.

If you know of someone else who might be interested in participating in this tour, feel free to let them know about it. The more, the merrier!

Now, thanks to my friend, fellow author and ACFW Advisor, Deb Raney, the following are a few influencer activities that I'd also love for you to do to help promote this book:

•Write a review for the book on online bookstores such as:

•Write a review at one of the many online book review sites, including:

•Using, recommend this book via an e-mail link that will take your friends right to the page featuring this book.

•If you have a unique perspective—for instance, personal experience with the book’s topic, etc.—offer your insights with your review.

*** For the above, even if you don't have a blog/web site or you don't wish to participate in the tour, I will provide 1 influencer copy that you are free to use as you wish. ***


•If you have a newsletter that goes out on a somewhat regular basis, consider promoting this book.

•Offer to write a book review for your church newsletter, neighborhood newspaper or any other printed source that might reach readers.

•Recommend this book as a featured title for a local book discussion group. Discussion questions can be provided if needed.

•When you’re finished with the book, tuck it into a gift basket for someone who is ill or in the hospital; or take it to your next dinner party as a hostess gift.

•Word-of-mouth is still probably the number one way books hit bestseller lists, so simply start conversations about the book. Tell your friends and family what you’ve been reading and why you enjoyed it so much.

Feel free to write to me and share your experiences after doing any of these things. I'd love to hear about your creative or unique ideas. Thank you for any and all assistance you can offer in helping me get the word out about this book. You truly are a blessing.

* * * * *

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