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Monday, March 31, 2008

Humor in Life -- grapefruit and in-laws

It's that time again...when I make some attempt at turning everyday experiences into laughter-filled moments. I confess, it's not always easy, but I have to turn on my funnybone ears and don my funnybone glasses to listen or view life through a funny-filter.

This morning, my husband decided to have a grapefruit we'd received care of our nephew, but it came from Stu's grandparents in Arizona. Some of his family visited them over Easter vacation and came back with fresh fruit from their orchard trees. Now, I don't know how many of you out there actually like grapefruit, but the only way I'll take it is if it's mixed with other fruit juices in a drink. I'm not even sure how they can call this thing a fruit, when it's certainly not sweet by any stretch of the imagination...or at least not sweet to me.

So, Stu sliced open the fruit and made a remark about how grapefruit got its name. He said something about folks heralding that it was a "great fruit" and then someone along the way misheard it and started calling it grapefruit. Then, he took a bite.

Shoo-wee! You should have seen his face. He smacked his lips a few times and swallowed. I looked over my shoulder in time to hear him say:

"It has definite pucker value."

And from the looks of things, I'd say I have to agree with him. :)

Ok, now for the in-laws. Almost all of us have them, and some of us are fortunate enough to get along with them most of the time. That's the case with me. Thus far, I haven't had any complaints about my relatively new in-laws. But then again, I'm a people person, so meeting new folks is easy for me. I tend to get along with just about everyone...even the weird ones.

Well, yesterday after church, Stu and I were in the car and talking about how we wanted nothing more than to go home and get away from 7-years olds for a while. We co-teach the 2nd grade Sunday School class, and that morning, we had 20 of them running around because the lesson didn't allow enough time at the end to keep them structured. We also had one of our teachers leave because she wasnt' feeling well, and Stu and I staggered our absence to give blood during a blood drive. Consistency is important, and when the teachers are floating in and out, the kids take advantage.

So, we're about halfway home when Stu's phone rings and it's his cousin, Debbie. She's about to meet her parents at a Subway not far from Stu's sister's house. She wants to know if we'd like to join the family at Shauna's. I tell her we'll see them there. Then, we pull up in front of a Walgreens so I can pick up a prescription. While I'm inside, Stu calls his sister to see if it's all right that we bring Roxie and put her in the back yard. Then, Debbie calls back to say everyone's there and ready to eat.

We rush home, grab the dog, swap cars and head to Shauna's. About 2 miles from her house, the phone rings again. Since I'm driving this time, Stu answers. I don't know who's on the other end of the line, but I hear him ask about the Subway and say that we didn't know we were supposed to meet there. He confirms the location, hangs up and turns to tell me that we need to go to the Subway. We're eating there then coming to Shauna's.

Ok, now we make a quick stop at Shauna's to drop off Roxie and head to the Subway. When we pull into the parking lot, the family gets out of their cars and heads toward the shop. We all exchange hellos and greetings, and once we step inside, Stu's mother remarks about all the phone calls and asked if we liked it. I smiled and just told them they need to get their act together, to which they said they thought they had....until they started calling to invite everyone.

Despite how much fun my new extended family is, I have to admit to joking about moving to the "West" and gaining a family of "outlaws" -- Wanted poster and all. *grins*

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M. C. Pearson said...

Gotcha up on the links for FIRST. ;-D

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

Thanks, Mimi. And I've got my first FIRST post live. :)