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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Back from CA!

Hmm, you go away and no one visits your site or comments on your blog. A gal can get a guilty complex from that, ya know. And poor Susie. No one left comments for her either, so we don't have anyone entered to win a FREE copy of her book. :(

Not sure where all I can promote and announce, as I've utilized all resources I have available. Guess I simply need to visit more blogs by others and leave witty comments. Perhaps that will encourage others to visit. Good thing my primary purpose isn't to attract visitors. LOL! It's to share the light of God and insight He's allowed me to gain from my life's experiences.

Anyway, back to the point of this post. I'm back from sunny, southern California and wish I wasn't. LOL! Beautiful temperatures, lots of sun and fun and a refreshing breeze that made each day a true delight. Here? 90's and HOT! Blech.

I'll have a few photos added this week, and if you're fortunate to be a part of my close network of friends, you'll get the link to my full photo album where you can view and print your own pix of what I took. Not a member? I am always accepting new applicants, but you'll have to ask very nicely and I might require a little groveling. (winks)

Until next time.

1 comment:

Shannon McNear said...

Hey, girl! I might not post here but you know you were MISSED! ;-)