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Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby Update -- Week 41, Any Day Now!

Yes, here I am again. I know so many of you are hoping you won't be reading a post from me unless it's with pictures of the little one I've been carrying for 9 months. Well, there are 2 pieces of good news this week, despite being overdue.

First, I have an induction date scheduled for April 2nd. That means no matter what, baby Stockton will be here by Thursday at the latest. Second, I have done my own calculations and discovered my original due date was actually off by 5-6 days. The actual date should have been the 28th or 29th, which means I'm only 1 or 2 days past due, instead of 7. Sounds much better and doesn't make me so anxious.

Babies born too far past due date are at higher risk for being overweight or suffering from other complications, even delivery complications for both mother and baby. I measured at 40cm last Thursday, so doc scheduled the induction because he didn't want to go more than 1 week beyond that measurement. Phew!

Now, will this little one choose to arrive before being forced out, or will we have to wait until Thursday. I jokingly said baby is waiting for April 1st just to be silly. Hmm...

...You know, I have no concept of time or dates inside here. I only know how cozy and comfortable it is, and how warm. So, I can't be blamed for waiting or for not coming on a specific date. I can't tell time or read a calendar yet. :) But, if I have to choose between coming on my own or being forced out, I'd prefer doing it myself.

Believe me, I'm not hanging out in here on purpose. But it's not easy getting ready when I'm not in control of everything. There's another body involved, and so many other factors in order for it all to work in tandem. I'm trying to do what I can to help get things rolling. And I know Mommy has done her part. Daddy too. I've felt those bumpy roads, tasted those spicy foods, and been jostled all around during all that cleaning of the house.

From what I can gather, there isn't much more time. I'm getting excited about meeting Mommy and Daddy and all these other people whose voices I've heard the past few months. It sounds like a real fun place out there. And who can beat all the love I know I'm going to get from everyone? I'll be making my appearance real soon. I promise...

...Baby Stockon is right. It won't be long. I've made it this far. I know I can make it another 3 days, if necessary. Just an update on last week, though.

As you know, we were in the hospital in the early AM to find out it was false labor contractions. We returned again at 2am Thursday morning due to decreased fetal movement. No clue why, but baby just didn't move much from supper time until late at night, despite my eating and drinking juice. I ended up with another glass of ice-cold apple juice and having monitors hooked up to me before the baby actually kicked. And since I had an appointment later that morning, they went ahead and sent me home. Otherwise, they would have kept me and had my doctor see me first thing.

At the appointment, I ended up having an ultrasound and NST performed. Everything looked great, so no risks right now. Fluid levels around the baby were right on target, and baby responded well to the NST, with one buzz from the stimulator. :) I go in again tomorrow for a repeat of those 2 tests, then the induction on Thursday if the baby decides to wait that long.

With the delivery date in solid sight, it feels surreal in some ways and scary in others. I have to say I would have been far worse without the support of so many of you here. It has meant so much to know you've been reading, praying, and encouraging. Finally, we have a date. This time next week, I'll have some pictures of our little miracle.

I just figure my baby is just perfecting those camera poses and brushing up on beauty or handsome sleep so as to be all that much cuter. :)

Thanks so much for coming along this journey with me. These are going to make a great inclusion in the baby's scrapbook. Signing off for my last pre-delivery update. Back in a week to let you meet baby Stockton.


Deborah said...

lol i have been checking your blog every day in hopes of baby pictures. when i saw your first sentence, i was like "oh no...still????!!" at least now you know exactly when the end is in sight! hang in there!!!!

Carole said...

Best wishes to you and your baby, Amber! I've enjoyed following your journey and look forward to baby pictures soon.

Paulette Harris said...

Praying for you and Stu and the new little one.

Paulette Harris

Mom said...

Like mother, like daughter! I believe that is just about the exact same schedule I was on with your brother, Brett! If I remember correctly, he was "due" on or about March 27 and finally decided to come into the world on April 3.

cheryl c said...

Sending prayers and positive thoughts for a safe and easy delivery! I can't wait to see pictures! :-)


Rebecca Herman said...

good luck!

Jan Parrish said...

Praying for you. What a lot of waiting! I thought this was going to be the baby announcement!

Cheryl said...

Well here I am checking the blog for news. LOL! Hope everything went well. Can't wait to see pictures.