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Friday, August 19, 2011

Welcome Gail Gaymer Martin and A Family of Their Own


GAIL GAYMER MARTIN is a multi-award-winning novelist who writes Christian fiction for Love Inspired and Barbour Publishing, where she was honored by Heartsong readers as their Favorite Author of 2008. Gail has forty-eight contracted novels with over three million books in print. She is the author of Writers Digest’s Writing the Christian Romance. Gail is a co-founder of American Christian Fiction Writers and a keynote speaker at churches, libraries and civic organizations and presents workshops at conference across the US. She was recently named one of the four best novelists in the Detroit area by CBS local news. Gail has a Masters degree from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan and was an educator and licensed counselor for many years. She was also an adjunct instructor at Davenport University for five years. She lives with her husband in a northwest Detroit suburb.

by Gail Gaymer Martin
Published by Love Inspired


Four Makes a Family

With her daughter's health back on track, Kelsey Rhodes counts her blessings. But life is still not easy for the sweet single mom. She craves compansionship, yet finds it difficult to trust anyone. Ross Salburg seems like the perfect match for her. The handsome single dad also struggles to keep his daughter healthy. Can Kelsey convince Ross to take a leap of faith and meld their two families into one?

I'd be happy to give away one of the novels if you have a method of selecting the person. Just send me the address and info when it's over and I'll sign it and get it in the mail.

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A Writer’s Life

Had I known how much my life would change as a writer, I know I would do it again, but the reality of what it meant to be an author came as a surprise. People who aren’t writers probably think, as I did, that I would write a book, an editor would love it and soon it would be in print. That statement is a speed of light comment rather than reality. Yes, I wrote a book. I wrote several books that were continually rejected, but as I learned I reworked some, studied the craft, networked with other writers, and started writing a new one. One day to my joy, I received a “we want to publish your book” email.

That was the day I learned about the process which consists of revisions, line edits, copy edits, galley proofs, cover art fact sheets, all elements of publishing that involved work for me. After waiting, it seemed forever, I saw my first novel. I cried with excitement. Gaining another publisher for my fiction, I learned about balancing book deadlines, as well as all the edits and revisions that came into play. Then as my fan base grew, I learned about book signings, answering reader mail, promoting my upcoming releases, getting involved with social networks: FaceBook, Twitter, Shoutlife, Linked In, Shelfari, and more. Soon I realized how that cut into my writing time, but I loved the contact with readers so I accepted it as part of writing.

Next I had to deal with my mind. Everything I did, every piece of interesting conversation I heard, every newspaper article, every experience in my life, every experience told to me by my family and friends became fodder for a novel. These tidbits of stories fill my head. I found little “niches” where I tuck the information along with more space for blossoming stories. Now when my husband asks me if I’ll ever retire from writing, I explain I don’t think I can. With all those stories growing in my head, all the ideas tucked into my brain, what would happen without a release. . .without getting them on paper? I figure my head would blow up. So I’ll continue to write until “the end” comes to me just as it does my novels.

Is it worth it? Absolutely. God is awesome. He gave me this career late in life. He’s touched my stories with his grace. He’s allowed my novels to win contests, to garner many fans, and to multiply. Today I have forty-eight published or scheduled to be published novels, and I’m working on new ideas. My head is still filled with stories that haven’t been sold so I will keep looking for an editor who will love them. Today I have over three million books in print which means for every one book out there a multitude of people have read it and been touched by the story in some way. Christian novels both entertain and serve as a reminder to people from where their help comes. The stories reveal God’s love, mercy, forgiveness, grace and salvation through Jesus. What more could a reader ask for, and what more could an author desire?

* * * * *

Thank you, Gail, for sharing with us today.

Guest Question: Did I mention something about writing that you hadn't known before? If you're a writer, what is your greatest joy in being one? What is mine?

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This week, the contest is open to US/Canada residents only.

1 comment:

Bonnie Leon said...

Excellent blog, Gail. Thank you.

The thing I love most about writing? There isn't just one but two rise to the top -- creating characters. I love it when they come to life.

Second -- is hearing from readers who have been touched in some way by something I've written. Each time I'm reminded why I was called to write and what a privilege it is.

Grace and peace to you.