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Monday, August 01, 2011

Monday Mishaps with Mom

Ok, here we are at week 5 with this new series. You can always look at the labels at the bottom of the right column to find "monday mishaps with mom" and read up on any week you've missed. My goal is to encourage mothers who feel a bit frazzled, and to help brighten your day as you start off your week. You're not alone.

This week is for all those who have ever tried to train their children to NOT make a mess in the bathroom. I know, I know. Lost cause, right?

Well, as is normal with a toddler, you can't take your eyes off them for a second. And if they're quiet, you know they're into something they shouldn't be doing.

I had just cleaned up some spilled cereal on the floor and was in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner. My husband was on his computer and our son was happily sitting on the couch, cooing and taking in his surroundings. Everything seemed so peaceful and quiet. I enjoyed the break.

But, then I finished and came out into the living room. Someone was missing. "Where's Tori?" I asked my husband. He swiveled around from his desk and shrugged. "She was just here a minute ago."

That was when I heard the water running in the bathroom. Oh, no!

Thankfully, it wasn't as bad as it sounded. But it was still a mess. And the picture to the left doesn't show the mounds of toilet paper strewn across the vanity. At least she hasn't discovered the fun of flushing things down the toilet....yet.

The moment I said her name, my daughter looked up and immediately hopped up. As I came into the bathroom, she started grabbing for the toilet paper and her pull-ups, saying, "Help, help, help." She has this new penchant for wanting to help do everything, or wanting to do it all herself. And if she hears me sigh or notices me getting on my hands and knees to clean up one of her messes, she rushes in to "help."

Sometimes, though, it's just easier to get her out of the room and dump her on my husband. :)

How about you? What amusing bathroom/toilet paper stories do you have involving your kid(s)?

Tune in next week for the next "Monday Mishap with Mom." See you then!

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