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Monday, April 04, 2011

Baby Stockton #2 Countdown - 39 Down, 1 to Go!

So, I reached week 39 this past Friday in terms of time, and I'm right on target in fundal measurement. I am still at 3-1/2 pounds up from pre-pregnancy weight. We'll see what the final tally is on my son's birthday. Only gained 12 lbs. total with my daughter.

Just a reminder, I have a "guessing game" online for folks to guess the length, weight, and actual birthday of our son. We will be awarding prizes (books, a $25 gift card, and something else) to the top 3 with the closest guesses. So, get in there and have fun. :)

If you'd like to play, click the link below:

Now, we're at week 39.5, so here is the update:

Ok, so I DID tease my doctor and his assistant this past Friday about my previous appointment. But that was only because I arrived a little before 11am for an 11:15 appointment, only to not be called back until 11:45! This was after watching 6 other women get called back, 3 of whom arrived AFTER I did. The assistant came up to me and apologized personally when the 7th patient was called then led to another doctor. She said my doctor wanted to see me himself, and they were only waiting on an open room.

It seems the other women my doctor sees are higher-maintenance, have more questions, or just take longer during their appointments. Either that, or it had something to do with it being April Fool's. Sort of like there being a full moon. :) I don't know. But it was nice having one short appointment during my prenatal visits. I usually spend far more time waiting than I do in the actual patient room...unless I'm scheduled for an ultrasound.

Anyway, the doctor did finally arrive, asked how I was feeling and if I had any questions for him (which I usually don't) then told me everything's looking great. Numbers-wise, I'm right on target, and it all looks favorable for a natural birth. The other stats in measurement are as follows:

Dilated to 3 cm
Effaced at 75%
Baby weight estimate at 7-3/4 pounds
Baby's heartbeat was 138
My blood pressure and weight are looking good, no issues
Overall weight gain is 3-1/2 pounds

Some women traditionally go early, being fortunate enough to have their babies before their due dates. My daughter was 10 days late (although according to my calculations, just 3 days late), and my son isn't showing signs of wanting to leave his little cocoon early. Just my luck, right? Looks like it's time for some spicy foods and bumpy roads!

I joked with my mom the other day that I have obedient children in the womb. When I went into labor with my daughter 2 years ago, it was April 1st, and I told her she couldn't be an April Fool's baby. So, she waited a full 24 hours just to make sure! With my son this time around, I told him he had to wait until after his sister's 2nd birthday...which he did. Then, one of my acrylic tops on my nails chipped today, so I told him he has to wait until Thursday after my nail appointment. Something tells me he will. (sigh)

So, I'm still waiting for the signal, and I'm praying it's just a matter of time before this entire situation gets rollin'!

While I'm in this antsy pre-birth limbo monitoring all my symptoms and feeling the size of an international airport, I'm trying to take some time to reflect on the world into which my highly sensitive, helpless and vulnerable infant will be born. Since we're all stocked up on diapers (because we'll be changing them 8-10 times a day in the first months), blankets, and onesies, we've finished the easy part. And some ladies from my Bible study came to finish the kids' rooms with decorations, putting away the clothes, as well as general set-up. The rooms are adorable.

Now, have I started thinking about my relationship with my newest family member? Somewhat. I'm feeling a combination of anxiousness to be done coupled with nervousness over handling 2 kids (a toddler and an infant) and a full-time career at home, along with continuing to be a strong homemake and wife. Praying my husband continues to share the load and split the duties as much as time allows for him. I do know I have help from several ladies, including one who will do some shopping for me, and another who will be coming every Friday just to spell me a bit. That, plus 3 weeks of meals delivered should help the transition go smoothly until I'm comfortable balancing it all.

One can hope, right? :)

And here are some words from the rocket baby inside me:

Yeah, life isn't changing much in here. Still cramped, still finding it hard to get comfortable, and still hearing that yelling big sister of mine out there. At least it's not all the time, and yesterday, there was mama's singing that soothed me quite a bit. I can hardly wait to be on the other side and hear it without all this cushioning that's muffling the sound. I'm sure it's going to be just as soothing.

I gotta tell you though, when that other doctor did that pushing a few days ago, I was NOT a happy camper in here. Shoving me this way and that and pushing on my head. It wasn't exactly the most pleasant feeling in the world. I can only imagine how it felt to Mama. At least she can move around more and stretch out. But I look forward to when I can snuggle in her arms and see her face-to-face.

Until then, I'll just keep getting ready for my first birthday and try not to hurt Mama too much.

It's me again. The mama. :) That's it for now. Tune in each week for the latest...although this might just be the last post prior to birth. If this little boy shows up early, I'll be sure to post an announcement...or my husband will. :) And if you want to receive an email each time I post an update, subscribe using the form over there at the top right.

Thanks for coming along this journey with me...some of you for the second time.

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