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Monday, February 07, 2011

Baby Stockton #2 Countdown - Week 31, 9 to Go!

Well, we made it. Single digits in the countdown. No new pictures this week, though, as our printer/scanner was acting up and needed to go to the repair shop for an attitude adjustment. :)

But for now, as of week 31, here is the update:

This week, my amazing growing baby is around 4 pounds and 17 inches tall. He's predicted to gain about 1/2 pound each week from here on out. So, that means he has a chance of being an 8-lb. baby. Praise God my OB has said he won't let me go past the baby being 9 lbs. Phew! Glad to hear that.

With each added layer of baby fat, my baby's wrinkly raisin skin starts to look more and more like it will when he's finally here on the outside. His developing immune system has made some serious gains over the past weeks too, getting him in full gear to face our disease-ridden world o’ wonders. And considering how often his big sister gets runny noses or the sniffles, I pray his immune system is as strong or stronger than hers. At least she's only had 1 ear infection.

Even so, a large majority of my son’s immune strength will need to come from my milk in the first year. And if all goes well like his sister, I'll be nursing for the first year or beyond, depending upon when he decides to wean himself. His sister stopped at about 13 months on her own.

Now, in the physical characteristic world, his cute little noggin’ (which could already be covered with luscious locks like his sister has now or just purty peach fuzz), is still soft because the skull bones have not yet fused together. As disturbing as having an infant with a soft cracked skull sounds, it's pretty much a necessity for passage through the birth canal during labor. I can't imagine an inflexible skull during that process. Ouch!

This little guy's sister got hung up a smidgen in the birth canal, and she had a short-term cone head. Her poor skull plates were compressed while in my rather snug birth canal. It's normal, harmless, and her skull evened out in a matter of days to a smooth, round head. Gotta admit, though, seeing those pictures of her during her first bath really threw me at first.

Oh, and FYI: as with almost all babies, my son may have that “soft spot” on his head for up to eighteen months after birth. His big sister lost hers around 15 months. So, we'll see.

I had a prenatal appointment today too, and everything is looking fantastic. Baby boy's heartbeat was 146, I'm measuring at 32 weeks (just 4 days ahead), this fella is head down and pushing all the time on my poor pelvis, and I've only gained 3 pounds overall during this pregnancy. We'll see what the final count is when all is said and done on delivery day. But if I can keep up, I'll leave the hospital weighing less than I did pre-pregnancy. Just like with my daughter. Amazing weight-loss plan God has here. *winks*

And now some words from the squirmy-wormy inside me:

Not as much to say this week. I've been trying to be as comfortable as possible and sleeping a lot. But I do remember to get in some good kicks each day just so Mama knows I'm still here. Of course, I can feel her rubbing her belly where I am several times a day, and she tells people about me pushing on her pelvis--whatever that is--so she's forced to do the pregnancy waddle. That sounds like a fun thing to do. Wonder how it looks.

Something I've been hearing a lot lately is this word, "no." It's usually followed by crying or whimpering and then soothing voices from either Mama or that Daddy fella. My guess is my big sister did something she wasn't supposed to do, and that didn't make Mama happy. Good to know the soft tones and what I think are hugs follow though. At least I can count on those when I do something bad.

I also have been sensing some stress from Mama lately. Something about a house and wanting to get things done before I arrive. Guess I better behave myself in here and let them get everything finished first. (stretching) It's not so bad inside here, and I still have room to wiggle or move a bit. Getting harder and harder though, so I hope this house thing works out soon. From what I hear, there are only a few more weeks to go.

Now it's time for me again. The mama. :) That's it for now. Tune in each week for the latest. I'll get those new pix as soon as I can. And if you want to receive an email each time I post an update, subscribe using the form over there at the top right.

Thanks for coming along this journey with me...some of you for the second time.

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