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Friday, October 30, 2009

To Boo or Not to Boo....That is the Question....

I recently read a post by a friend and fellow author, Brandilyn Collins, about Halloween and her family's traditions. It sparked or re-ignited a passion in me that is completely against this day and just about everything that surrounds it.

Just this past Saturday, my husband and I attended a "Boo at the Zoo" event with our daughter here in the Springs. It was full of people dressed in some amazing costumes, local vendors advertising their businesses, coupons, giveaways and of course, candy! :) Since our daughter is only 6 months old, all the candy went to us. LOL!

But I don't celebrate Halloween at all. Haven't since I was 5 years old and really haven't missed it. Our church always had a harvest festival with pies, apples, corn, fruits of the harvest, etc. And we all dressed as Bible characters.

Back in college, I once researched the history behind the day. What I learned turned me away from Halloween forever. I have nothing against the costumes, or celebrating the harvest, or even the candy, but the rest of evil origins, I can do without. There is already enough evil in the world. Why celebrate it and encourage the focus on death, blood and gore? Why not celebrate the harvest instead and keep the atmosphere light instead of dark? God sent His Son to shed light in a dark world. I see no reason to return to the dark.

For 25 years, my family closed the doors, turned off the lights, and was "not home." Inside, however, we would always watch movies together and cook some popcorn. Our candy came the day after when everything was 50-75% off. :) If the day fell on a Friday or Saturday, we would be out at the church.

Tonight, it's a harvest festival at church with Trunk or Treat where families decorate their trunks and the costumed kids come to the cars in the parking lot to get their candy. I'm looking forward to it.

So, what about you? Do you have any traditions around this time of year? Something different or unique that you do? Share your stories or your thoughts with all the readers.

And Happy Harvest!


Giveaway Lady said...

I agree about Halloween. The origins are not what I want to celebrate. We normally go and buy the candy the day after, when it is all on sale:)Other than that we don't do much. I was encouraged by your post though and wanted to say thanks:)

Anonymous said...

Amen, amen! I'm so tired of people acting like I'm abusing my children by not celebrating an evil *holiday*. We haven't done Halloween since our 18 year old was 5. We did the same thing you did. Researched it, talked it over with other who don't celebrate, and prayed about it. I also still buy candy the day after and put a few pieces in the kids' lunches so they have it too. Fortunately, our charter school doesn't celebrate Halloween at all. Harvest/Fall parties, yes. Costumes/halloween? No. The kids are going this year to a friend's harvest party, and they are dressing up, but we're still not going to participate in the evil side. Have a wonderful weekend, Tiff!


Rachel Leigh Smith said...

I'm of the same persuasion, Tiff! I applaud you and Stu's dedication in protecting Tori from the evil origins of the day and many of the traditions.

We've never celebrated Halloween in my family. We didn't even attend any of the church "replacements", because to my dad that was still acknowledging the day. I'm still that way. Since this is my first Halloween here I have no idea if tonight will bring any trick-or-treaters. If it does, I won't be opening the door.

I've always been very sensitive to the spiritual realm, so I know my parents took extra steps to protect me when I was a child. We were hooked on the Gospel Bill videos, and there was a Halloween one that really drove how dangerous the day can be and how much hold Satan can have over the physical if you're not careful.

Tomorrow I won't be home, so I'm not worried about it. And I will go buy some candy Sunday or Monday when it's all on sale.

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

Exactly! Lots of folks might think you're going overboard with steering clear of the day, but I've always been very careful when dealing with the spiritual realm. And I've always ascribed to the concept of give the devil an inch, and he'll take a yard!

That's not any more true than it is this time of year. And I've heard far too many people against God talk about how much fun the devil has this time of year to even give him that one inch.

To me, it's just like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and all those other invented "people" designed to take the focus off God and reality. I have nothing against imaginations and kids using them, but if it encroaches on tainting the purity of mind and soul, the devil can keep it.

Glad to see there are others out there who agree. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a blessed Harvest!

Carla Gade said...

It was fun having the kids dress up, but never in evil things. I always took them to church harvest parties, etc. We never did Santa Claus either and they never missed it. We made sure to do something fun though.

Glynis Peters said...

In the UK it was never very big when I was a child and here in Cyprus it is not celebrated. I celebrate the day for an entirely different's my birthday! :)
I like your Trunk or Treat idea.

Anonymous said...

we don't celebrate either. this year we went to some fall festivals for the candy and games. we don't dress up either. my kids dress up ALL the time at home and my 4 yo almost every day, so there's no need to dress up when we go out since it seems more like we're celebrating Halloween. my kids know they're not missing out!

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

Exactly. You'd be amazed what your children won't miss when you provide them with alternatives and still show them a loving, good time. Plus, when you stress what's really important, the meaning goes deeper and lasts longer.

Martha A. said...

I don't like a day that seems to glorify evil, witchcraft, and all that stuff and focus on death, scary stuff.....I never missed not celebrating it growing up and I am sure my children will not either! Thanks for sharing that I am not alone!