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Monday, February 02, 2009

Baby Update -- Week 33, 7 Weeks to Go!

We're into the last full month at week 33. Only 7 more weeks to go, if the baby stays and cooks that long. The doctor told me 37 weeks is considered full-term. Everything after that is fair game. That means, the day after my baby shower, I'll be ready to go any time. Yikes! That's only 4 weeks from today. Amazing how the time has flown. We've been busy, though, preparing. Not much more done to the baby's area, but we've been prepping in other ways.

Let's see. Hubby and I started packing our "goody bag" this weekend with what we could. Some items like an iPod, Nintendo DS game and some food items have to wait until we're closer. But, we have our list checked off and handy, in case someone else ends up finishing it while we're on our way to the hospital.

Same goes with the baby's bag and my own hospital bag. We've started but aren't complete. There are a few items like toiletries and last-minute baby items that we'll add after the baby shower on March 1st, depending upon what we receive that day. Really praying for diapers. LOL!

We collected a list of names for a pediatrician and have to make a few appointments to meet them, see if they gel and feel like they'll work for us. We also made our appointment to pre-register at the hospital. That's next week. Tonight, we'll have our 3rd birthing class, and I've signed up for the breastfeeding and baby care classes as well. Also signed up hubby for the Father-to-Father class. No mothers or women allowed. :) He'll be going with a friend whose wife is also pregnant and due 6 weeks after me.

Hmm, wonder how close our babies will truly be when they make their appearances. With the way my belly is expanding, it feels close. Speaking of which, the little bug inside me wants to say something...

For all the weight and bulk Mommy says she's lugging around these days, you’d think I'd be a super giant or something. But nope. I'm just a little over 5 pounds and about 17 inches long. Not big, I know, but I make up for it in appearance. I'm getting cuter and pudgier every minute as I pile on more of that adorable baby fat. And I'm getting stronger with every passing day.

These days, when I'm not frustrating myself with daily bouts of the hiccups, I've heard Mommy remark that she can see my kicks to her belly. I can't see her smile, but I can hear it in her voice and feel the love in her touch. Once or twice, she's even poked my foot when I've done some stretching. It's fun playing little games with her. I can hardly wait until I can do that face-to-face.

But, you know with each passing week, I'm losing more and more space to move around. That means, I won't be moving as much in the final weeks. For now, though, Mommy and I can have fun. Oh, and Daddy too. I can tell the difference in the hands and the heat from their hands when it's Mommy or Daddy. I might not move much pretty soon, but I'm comfy and cozy and warm and getting ready to make my appearance. Just don't know when that will be....

And now I'm back for a brief spell. It's hard to believe I've made it to under 50 days to go. In some ways, it feels like yesterday. In others, it feels like it's been forever. Sleeping these days is difficult at best, but I know it's preparation for when my little one arrives and I have to be up every few hours for feeding. Good thing I have a comfy rocker and the music channel on TV to soothe me while nursing and spending that precious time with my baby.

Of course, I couldn't dare handle this without the fantastic support of my husband and family. Stu's been fantastic with making sure I'm as comfortable as possible, carrying heavy things for me, helping around the house with cleaning and cooking, and reading books as well as paying attention in the birthing classes to be as informed as possible. It helps me feel more relieved going into this.

That's about all for today. I have to get ready to head out for that class and tour tonight. Be back next week with more.

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cheryl c said...

It's getting close now, and it sounds like you are just about ready. That is a good thing because both of my babies came 2 weeks early.

Rest as much as you can, even if you have to sleep in a recliner to be comfortable. Good luck in these last uncomfortable but exciting days.


Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

Well, we're as ready as we can be for now. We still have a great need for diapers and some more clothes for the baby, but at least the big ticket items are done. :) And if all we receive is gift cards, we can make up for whatever else we need afterward.

I'm trying to rest up, and I've created a recliner position for comfort, since we don't have a recliner.

We'll see when this little one decides to arrive. With God, family and friends, I know we'll do fine.

Eileen Astels Watson said...

I haven't checked in in a while. Congratulations, Tiffany!

I'll be praying for an easy delivery!