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Friday, August 22, 2008

Spotlight on DiAnn Mills and Texas Legacy

Today's spotlight author is celebrating the release of 3 of her full-length books which have been repackaged into an anthology. If you love historical fiction, and you love romance, plus enjoy a setting in Texas, you're going to love the books within this anthology. I found the characters engaging, the stories memorable and the dialogue flowing well. Of course, I read these books when they were published individually, but that doesn't diminish the enjoyment factor or the quality. And now, you have them all in one place!


DIANN MILLS, an award-winning author, launched her career in 1998 with the publication of her first book. Currently she has over forty books in print and has sold more than a million copies. Six of her anthologies have appeared on the CBA Best Seller List. Three of her books have won the distinction of Best Historical of the Year by Heartsong Presents. Five of her books have won placements through American Christian Fiction Writer's Book of the Year Awards 2003 – 2007, and she is the recipient of the Inspirational Reader's Choice award for 2005 and 2007. She was a Christy Awards finalist in 2008.

by DiAnn Mills
Published by Barbour Publishing


Enjoy the acclaimed Texas Legacy series of three novels by award- winning author DiAnn Mills all under one value-priced cover. Kahlerville, Texas, is home to the Andrews family and three romantic adventures. Morgan Andrews is falling for a female outlaw. Grant finds himself protecting the woman who is determined to take his child. Bonnie sets aside her grief for a pastor with a secret past. Can faith hold family and love together?

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1. What gave you the inspiration for these stories?

A love of the old west and characters who stood out as unique and strong.

2. How much of your own experiences influenced your characters? What aspects became traits that are theirs and theirs alone?

Hmm. I guess I'm rather adventuresome and I love the thrill and romance of the old west. I work very hard at making my characters distinctly different, but sometimes a little of myself creeps into my characters. For Casey in Leather and Lace, her desire to forsake the outlaw life no matter the outcome. For Jenny in Lanterns and Lace, her desire to think for herself and be willing to make mistakes in her quest to be independent. For Bonnie in Lightning and Lace, her desire to live up to what God expected of her in her role as a single parent.

3. If one of your characters were an ice cream flavor, what he/she be and why?

Leather and Lace - Casey would be chocolate (dark and mysterious) and Morgan would be Neapolitan (he had to decide what he really wanted).

Lanterns and Lace - Jenny would be strawberry (sweet and raised Victorian) and Grant would be vanilla chocolate swirl (he fit into about any situation).

Lightning and Lace - Bonnie would be peach (everyone thought she was sweet and homespun) and Travis would be butter pecan (he had a tough nut to crack with Bonnie).

4. What themes exist in Texas Legacy that you hope the reader sees? Are there any themes that weren't overt but developed as the story progressed?

Forgiveness in all three, and the understanding that God forgives our sins if we repent and turn from our ways.

Leather and Lace - I wrote this for the contemporary woman who thinks that because she's been in jail neither God nor man would want her.

Lanterns and Lace - I wrote this for the woman who may think that science and tradition answers the problems of the world.

Lightning and Lace - I wrote this for the woman who faces single parenting with fear and inadequacy.

5. What were your most difficult parts to write? Your favorite?

Leather and Lace - (most difficult) when Morgan had to tell Casey what happened to his wife. (favorite) - when Casey confronted Grant about his target practice.

Lightning and Lace - 2 parts: 1) when Bonnie confronted Travis about her love for him 2) when Travis confessed to his church that he was not what they thought.

6. When is your next book coming out and what is the story?

The next release is Breach of Trust, published by Tyndale. It's the first in the Call to Duty series: contemporary romantic suspense. The heroine is an ex CIA operative who has to choose between bringing a corrupt politician to justice and keeping her loved ones safe.

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Thank you, DiAnn, for being in the spotlight with us.

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DiAnn said...

Hi Tiff, Thanks for having me on your blog. I look forward to finding out who is the winner of a free book.

Maureen said...

I enjoyed the interview. The stories look like good ones. I enjoy reading stories set in Texas even though I have never been there.

haras w said...

i really enjoyed the TECAS LEGACY set and i would love the chanec to win them. please enter my name in the draw.
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windycindy said...

Love the ice cream personality analogies! I adore romance, historical fiction and Texas. Please enter me in your drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

Cheryl said...

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Sounds like another keeper!

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It sounds great! Thanks for the chance to win!

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ChristyJan said...

I enjoyed reading this interview with DiAnn.

TEXAS LEGACY sounds like a great read ~ please enter me to win a copy.

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

We have a winner from this drawing and that is:


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