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Monday, May 05, 2008

Promises, Promises: Reviews and Book Club Feature

I am simply busting at the seams with excitement and joy and even tears.

image: Promises, Promises book coverEarlier this week, I received a CC (carbon copy) of an email sent to my editor from a friend/fellow author. She's also a member of ACFW. Janice Thompson offered to review my very first book, and she loved it so much that she actually emailed my editor to tell her! Of course, Janice also writes for the same line, but I was FLOORED! It brought tears to my eyes just reading it. I mean, I expected Janice to post a review on her new Double-Booked blog for book reviews and all kinds of awesome stuff, but I NEVER expected her to email my editor! Talk about the shock of the week!

Double-Booked Review of Promises, Promises

"Amber Miller is truly one of the strongest historical romance writers I've read in years. Sometimes historicals (as a whole) don't hold my attention, or the reader tries too hard to impress with historical lingo/tidbits. But in this case, I found myself caught up in the action right away and also found the story very believable. I could relate to both the hero and the heroine. As I mentioned, it's the perfect blend of story, history and biblical truth."

For the rest, you'll have to visit Janice's blog. :) It's a fantastic one. You really should check it out. AND, if you go there and leave a comment, you'll win a chance for a FREE copy of my book. So, run on over there and take a look at the great review site Janice has.

This next one is from a Heartsong Book Club reader:

"Your book was absolutely wonderful! Just finished it tonight and decided I would look you up online. I loved your story about Gustaf and Raelene. They seemed so real! I could especially relate to Raelene's feelings, because after I lost my dad in 2005 (he died a very hard death) - I went into a long period of depression. I had trouble trusting God, but now I realize that death will come to us all, sooner or later, and in some way or other. God decides. Even Jesus, God's Son, was allowed to suffer, and it had a purpose. That thought has comforted me. You have an amazing gift for expressing people's innermost feelings. Thank you so much for your exceptionally fine work! I look forward to your new titles coming soon!"

Isn't that just the sweetest comment and review? I was so touched. She read my book from the book club then took the time to find me online so she could email me.

This last one came from a dear friend and fellow newbie author, Debra Ullrick, whose first book, The Bride Wore Coveralls, also released with Heartsong this year:

"Oh my gosh, I loved your story! I finally got to read it and when I started, I couldn't put it down. I loved your characters, your writing, the plot, ah heck, I loved the whole thing! FANTASTIC! You're writing is awesome. I can't wait to read your next story."

She and I have shared so much as we both sold our books around the same time. It's been quite the journey.

Add those to the other reviews that have trickled in, and I'm one snoopy-dancing, honored and humbled new author. God is SO good, and His promises have truly been fulfilled in my life. That's one of the main themes in this book and it's taken from Romans 4:21. The reviews aren't overwhelming, but they're sincere and heartfelt, and reveal how this book has touched the readers' lives.

That's what this journey is all about. As I posted two weeks ago, I'll be having a blog tour in July where more feedback and reviews for and and other online sites will start appearing.

image: ACFW Book Club logoBut before that happens, my book is one of the two that is being featured THIS MONTH at the ACFW Book Club. If you haven't heard of this club, but you love reading and discussing great new fiction and even chatting with the authors, then this club is for you! Take a look.

image: ACFW logoThe cover of my book is on the main page of the ACFW web site and listed with my buddy, Cheryl Wyatt's book on the club information page. You can see that here. Talk about fantastic publicity! The largest Christian fiction organization in the world, and my book is on the main page. Praise God! Woo-hoo!

I look forward to the discussion among book club members later this least from those who read historicals. :)

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Mom said...

Looks like you're really on your way! We always knew that God could accomplish His purposes through you. I still can't seem to get *my* copy of your book away from your dad, though! LOL! Love you!

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