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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spotlight on S. Dionne Moore and Murder on the Ol' Bunions

I'm thrilled to introduce to you a great new author who actually sold her book a full year before I did, but due to publisher delays, the book club released occurred one year later. Despite the frustration for her, I'm thrilled because it means our first books released at the same time.

And now, here's Sandra:


S. Dionne Moore is a bunion-free super mom, able to leap piles of homework and loads of laundry in a single bound. Not only does she write, homeschool her daughter, and help her pastor-husband, but she also plays piano, loves to garden, and encourages other writers.

by S. Dionne Moore
Published by Heartsong Presents Mysteries

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1. This is your first novel with the newly released Heartsong Presents Mystery Club. What gave you the inspiration for this story?

So many things, really. My love of laughter--too many people take life and themselves too seriously--; an agent's comment that she enjoyed my strong, mature women characters; a passion for good mystery; and, not least of all, knowing the Barbour was getting ready to release a new mystery line. I decided to combine a mature woman heroine with a sidekick husband who complements her perfectly, set them in a small town, and have her stumble upon the body of her former employer. The fact that LaTisha Barnhart is an African American is extra fun! By the way, LaTisha is modeled after one of my dear friends, attitude and all!

2. How much of your own experiences influenced the characters of LaTisha and Handy? What aspects became traits that were theirs and theirs alone?

As I'm sure you can imagine, there is a little of me in all of my characters. LaTisha and Hardy enjoy a deep respect for each other that belies their humorous, and often times blunt, interactions with each other, reminiscent of my husband and I. Marion Peters is the woman you love to hate. We all have some of those in our lives. But most of my characters have traits of people I know and love.

3. What themes exist in Murder on the Ol' Bunions that you hope the reader sees? Are there any themes that weren't overt but developed as the story progressed?

Don't take yourself too seriously. Love and laugh. Showing a couple with deep respect for each other, who could also have a lot of fun together was really important to me. So many couples never connect on a level where they learn to respect and trust each other, and it sets them up for a rough time in their marriage.

I also wanted to show life after children. As a mother, it's so easy to become entangled in the accomplishments of your children, that you lose yourself. Though LaTisha misses her children, she must learn to fill the void.

4. What were your most difficult parts to write? Your favorite?

My fav parts to write are the fun scenes between LaTisha and Hardy. They are so real to me. So quirky and fun, and so aware of each other on so many levels. My least favorite part of writing is editing. Ugh!

5. When is your next book coming out and what is the story?

Polly Dent Loses Grip is the second book in the LaTisha Barnhart Mystery series. Polly Dent Loses Grip on the treadmill and takes a fatal spill that's ruled an accident. Helping her mother-in-law move into Bridgeton Towers Assisted Living, LaTisha picks up on the residents' gossip that reveals all kinds of motives for murder. Gertrude Herrman is out looking for love in the form of Thomas Philcher's fat wallet, and Polly's fall eliminates her competition once and for all. Otis Payne, the venerable director of Bridgeton Towers, is over a barrel when his wife demands cash or she'll carry on without him. Mitzi Mullins' penchant for rhyme puts her in direct line as perpetrator of the crime, and and Sue Mie's mistake seals Polly's fate.

It releases in March of 2009. Join the book club and make sure you don't miss a single cozy mystery!

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Thank you, Sandra, for being in the spotlight with us.

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windycindy said...

Hi, The word bunion makes me laugh. I wonder how that word came to mean what it does?! I enjoy reading mysteries. The cover of the book raises my interest! I am one of those people who need to take life and themselves much less seriously. Thanks for another author interview!

Anonymous said...

Cindi, honey, I can tell you something about bunions. Got 'em on both feet. And walking all over Maple gap investigating this murder heats 'em up something hot. But I'll catch the criminal or my name's not LaTisha Barnhart!

Grateful Gramma said...

Love mysteries! Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks.


Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

Welcome, LaTisha! Glad you dropped by. Sorry we can't enter you into the drawing, but're IN the book. It would be kinda hard to give you a book where you're in it. :)

tetewa said...

My sister has bunions on both feet and I'm glad I don't have them.

Carole said...

I love cozy mysteries, and would love to try this one. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy!

cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net

Karin said...

Such a funny name for a book-- makes me giggle. Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks!

Toystory said...

Love mysteries, miss my kids, maybe I need to find a victim and search for the killer too.... :) Please enter me.

ChristyJan said...

Sounds like a great book! Please enter me to win a copy of Murder on the Ol' Bunion.

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

We have a winner for this spotlight, folks, and that winner is:


Congratulations. I've emailed you for your mailing information. Please get back to me soon, so S. Dionne Moore can mail out your book.

Thanks, everyone, for your continued support. Two more winners announced for Linda Windsor and Susan Davis. Check to see if it was you!