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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Spotlight on Robin Carroll and Bayou Justice

Today, I have the pleasure of not only wrapping up a blog tour for this author but also of featuring the illustrious president of ACFW with the debut release of her very FIRST novel. How exciting!


Born and raised in Louisiana, Robin Caroll is a Southern belle right down to her "hey y'all." Her passion has always been to tell stories to entertain others. Robin's mother, bless her heart, is a genealogist who instilled in Robin the deep love of family and pride of heritage—two aspects Robin weaves into each of her books. When she isn't writing, Robin spends time with her husband, her three beautiful daughters, and their four character-filled cats at home—in the South, where else? She gives back to the writing community by serving as President of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) for 2007-2008. An avid reader herself, Robin loves hearing from and chatting with other readers. Although her favorite genre to read is mystery/suspense, of course, she'll read just about any good story. Except historicals! To learn more about this author of deep South mysteries of suspense to inspire your heart, visit Robin's website at

By Robin Caroll


This is your very first book! Congratulations! You've delved deep into the heart of Cajun Country with murder, voodoo, suspects and vendettas. What gave you the inspiration for this story?

When my mentor and I began trying to find my personal "hook"....within my genre, what about ME made me stand out and realized it's my southern roots. Once we nailed that, it was understood that I'd write about deep south characters. And writing this series has been like going "home" for me, as I'm born and raised in Louisiana, just transplanted out 9 nine years ago! Still trying to figure out how THAT happened! LOL

2. How much of your own experiences influenced the characters of CoCo and Luc? What aspects became traits that were theirs and theirs alone?

There's a LOT of my personality in CoCo, and quite a bit of my hubby's in Luc. CoCo and I share the deep love of family and heritage, the strong emotions (yeah, and temperment-lol), and love of nature. But CoCo's troubles with her sisters was unique, as my two sisters, and my sister-in-law, are my bestest friends. CoCo's career path is definitely her own--I don't find alligators at all appealing.

3. What themes exist in Bayou Justice that you hope the reader sees? Are there any themes that weren't overt but developed as the story progressed?

I hope they see the spiritual arc that I didn't realize until just recently are my own spiritual lessons learned...that of waiting on God's timing.

4. What were your most difficult parts to write? Your favorite?

Difficult was writing the romance thread. The pull/push back and forth between CoCo and Luc. I've not had that with my hubby, so I had to draw a lot on imagination. And it was hard for me to write the conflicts between the LeBlanc sisters. My favorites? The murder and suspense scenes, of course! LOL!

5. When is your next book coming out and what is the story?

Book 2 in the series, Bayou Corruption, is Alyssa's story--CoCo's middle sister. It releases in February 2008.

Thanks, Tiff! This has been fun!

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Thank you, Robin, for being in the spotlight. Readers, leave a comment for your chance to be entered in the drawing for a FREE, autographed book. If you don't wish to be entered, say so when you post. This week, the contest is open to US/Canada residents only.


tetewa said...

I've been reading good things about this book and various sites, so count me in!

Shauna said...

Hey, Tiff! I'm in the middle of this book right now and it's AWESOME! I'm trying my darndest to figure the mystery out and can't wait to finish it! No need to enter me; I want someone else to get the chance at this book.

Unknown said...

Hey, y'all! Oh, Shauna, your comments are music to my ears! LOL I can't tell you how many times I made my buds read to see if they could figure out the mystery! :D

Tiff, thanks so much for having me! It's been so fun getting to interact with readers! :D

Kim said...

I've been reading a lot about this book! I'd love to be in the drawing! I truly LOVE suspense novels!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds great. I'd love to win a copy.

ChristyJan said...

Great interview.

Robin's Bayou series sound fantastic.

Please enter me to win a copy Bayou Justice.

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

All right, we have a winner for Robin's free book and it's:


Congratulations! Email me with your mailing address and how you'd like Robin to personalize your book and she'll get it right out to you.

More winners Friday. Check the other posts and spotlights to see if you've won!