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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Spotlight on Erynn Mangum and ReMatch


Erynn Mangum is the author of Miss Match and ReMatch. She's twentysomething, single, and works as a youth intern at her church. She's very involved with her college Bible study. Erynn has completed both of the Christian Writer's Guild's Apprentice and Journeyman courses. These books are direct results of too many mochas and chick-flicks.

By Erynn Mangum


1. This is book 2 in your Lauren Holbrook series and it sees the return of Laurent at it again with her matching mayhem. What gave you the inspiration for this book?

Mostly, I got inspiration from the first story - I had so much fun playing with these characters, I couldn’t wait to see what happened to Lauren next! As for the inspiration for different scenes in the book, I get a lot from my own life. I should probably be sending out apology notes to friends and family for using them as fodder in these books. Ah, well! They do say to write what you know. :)

2. How much of your own experiences influenced the character of Lauren? What aspects became traits that were hers and hers alone?

Her coffee addiction is all mine, and the college Bible study group I was involved with at the time influenced a lot of the Wednesday night scenes in the book. Her dad, though, is nothing like my father. Her honest-but-often-tactless speech is completely hers – I wrote things that I wish I were brave enough to say! Lauren is much more carefree than I am too – she doesn’t worry about what people think. I like that about her.

3. What themes exist in ReMatch that you hope the reader sees? Are there any themes that weren't overt but developed as the story progressed?

The main theme in ReMatch is Lauren learning to delight in God. She starts discovering this as she goes through her nightly devotional time. One subtle theme that just developed is trust – when I read back through ReMatch, I noticed how much Lauren learned in that area. Definitely did not plan for that theme to be in there!

4. What were your most difficult parts to write? Your favorite?

The scenes with Laney's pregnancy and then with the babies were hard to write (my copyeditor will agree!), just because I have no experience with births and so I didn't know a lot. Kathy Moiser, my copyeditor, and I spent many long conversations about exactly how long a woman would be pregnant with her second set of twins. Actually, it's pretty neat – Kathy had just given birth to her gorgeous twin girls right before we edited this book!

I have a lot of favorite scenes – I loved watching Lauren's dad fall in love. So much fun! Also, any scene that involves Laurie scheming about matchmaking became favorite scenes to write just because of the dialogue.

5. When is your next book coming out and what is the story?

The next book is scheduled for a June 1st release and it's the third and final installment in the Lauren Holbrook series. Lauren has always been the matchmaker, but in this story, the tables are turned and those she's set up start matchmaking her!

Thanks Tiff! I enjoyed reading your wedding story – congratulations! :)

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Thank you, Erynn, for being in the spotlight. Readers, leave a comment for your chance to be entered in the drawing for a FREE, autographed book. If you don't wish to be entered, say so when you post. This week, the contest is open to US/Canada residents only.


Deborah said...

ahhh please enter for this book! i loved the first one!!

ChristyJan said...

Fun interview. Your Lauren Holbrook series sounds great.

tetewa said...

Enjoyed the spotlight!

Anonymous said...

Great interview. Please enter me.

Cara Putman said...

I'd love to be entered!

Shauna said...

I just recently saw the first book of this series in my Christian bookstore. The series looks great. Can you enter me, please?

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

Oh, how I wish I could award more than 1 free book. From time to time, that *does* happen, like with Kathy Herman's spotlight and the spotlight on Amy Grant's mosaic. But this week, there can be just one winner. And that is:


Congratulations. Erynn will be sending out your free autographed book as soon as I have your mailing address.

Everyone else, come back again tomorrow, the 23rd, for another spotlight and book giveaway. And don't forget to enter the Amy Grant and Brandilyn Collins' blog spotlights from the 19th. Winners picked on the 25th.

Erynn Mangum said...

Wow! Thanks so much, everyone! I had so much fun with this interview - Tiff, you're great!

Have a fabulous day!

Erynn :)