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Monday, October 01, 2007

My Book is Done! PLUS...Exciting News!

Yes, I know I'm late again, but I have an excuse. I received some FANTASTIC news yesterday morning and I'm still reeling from the effects of it. I was also finishing my book for a deadline set for today.

But, first the news.

For anyone who is familiar with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, you know they travel the country looking for families who are in need of a new home. Dozens of factors are taken into consideration, and 5 finalists are narrowed from nearly thousands of nominations.

Well, I'm pleased to announce that the EMHE bus pulled up in front of a friend of mine's house Sunday morning!! They were one of the finalists, and EMHE chose them! Land has been donated just 5 miles south of where I live, and the EMHE team is there this week to build this family a new home. Some of us who know her are going to head over there one or two mornings this week and volunteer, and we'll be there Sunday for the unveiling so we can shout..."MOVE THAT BUS!"

No airdate yet, but I'm just tickled pink and praising God that this family is going to get their home. They are technically homeless right now living in a temporary home built for owners who aren't taking residence yet. Now, after losing their home last year because of medical bills for their daughter, they will finally have a new home, custom-designed for their every need. God is awesome!

Now, for my book update.

But, before I forget, I have photos from the ACFW Conference. Take a look:

ACFW Dallas Conference 2007

When I sat down Friday to finish, I realized I had duplicated two entire chapters in my word count, so I had 7,000 more words to write than I had thought. YIKES!

But, I sat down at my computer and prayed, then the words flew my fingers. By the time I ended for the night, I had over 8,000 words!! That's the most I've ever written in one day. But I was still 10,000 away from my needed word count, so after a good night's sleep, I was up and back at it the next day.

My husband left me alone all day with the exception of a break in the evening so we could go out to dinner. Final word count report = 8,500 words! I only needed 2,000 more to reach goal.

Sunday was church, and I don't normally work on those days, but I was up against a brick wall. So, after church and lunch and a break for a movie, I again sat to write the final chapter. By 9:30pm, I had finished the book at 2,000 OVER my needed count. This morning, I did a final read-through for typos and edits, then put it in a file and sent it to my editor.

PHEW! What a relief. That, along with the cover information and my headshots, and it's really starting to feel like it's going to happen. Amazing how dream-like it's been to this point. With book 1 coming out in February or March, I'll soon begin my marketing campaign. That'll include a web site update with new pages and minor changes.


Cherie J said...

That is awesome news! So happy for your friend. Congrats on finishing the book as well!

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

Thanks, Cherie. It's an exciting time here in Colorado! :)