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Monday, August 27, 2007

2nd Wedding Reception

You know, once all this wedding stuff dies down, I have no idea what I'm going to do with my Monday reports. My life isn't exactly sprouting with riveting details that will have you begging for more. :) So, I'll have to sit back and rethink the frequency of my blogging. Of course, having a book deadline also means my time will decrease quite a bit. We'll see.

In the meantime, Stuart and I had our 2nd wedding reception yesterday. It was coordinated and planned by my mother-in-law and several other members of my new family. They did a fantastic job and created a simple affair that all who attended enjoyed. The highlight by far was the wonderful array of fruit, vegetables and sweet treats created and arranged by the caterer. They were the hit of the party!

Aunt Cindy jumped right in and went to town, creating a beautiful storyboard with photos from the various albums and snippets of my posts from this blog, recounting the highlights from the wedding and reception back in Delaware. Grandma Tillerson took one look at the pew bows from the wedding when they arrived and said, "Give me a curling iron, and I'll have these looking like new in no time!" And she did too.

Shauna and Debbie (sister-in-law and cousin) took over some of the decorations and transformed the room into another fairytale room, and Aunt Nancy made the centerpieces float on the clouds of tulle. Oh, and Grandma Tillerson and Debbie added Cinderella's mice to each table (sweets made out of white chocolate-covered cherries and hershey's kisses, with cherry stems for tails). Chad, one of the groomsmen, and Stuart's dad helped hold down the carpet during cleanup, as they sat in chairs along the wall. :) Uncle Mike helped make sure the slideshow (with pictures from Stuart and I growing up, the engagement announcement and pictures from the wedding and reception) ran without a hitch.

We had a few writer friends drive down from Colorado Springs, and the rest were friends from Stuart's parents' church, where the reception was held. All in all, a pleasant day topped off by a bountiful dinner back at the family homestead (box canyon area), where Stuart and I opened the gifts, then loaded the car and hit the road for home.

As soon as I get the pix uploaded from our new camera (just got it this past Friday), I'll post them here.

Up next, another author spotlight this coming Wednesday. Come back in 2 days!

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Cherie J said...

Isn't it great how family and friends come together to help make your wedding extra special. It makes you feel so blessed. I know I felt that way for my wedding 7 years ago. Can't wait to see the rest of the pix. Thanks for sharing!