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Monday, July 23, 2007

19 Weeks Down; 1 to Go!

It's finally here. The last week! Today is the day I see my beloved fiance after 10 weeks of being apart. I don't know how military spouses do it. These past few weeks have been beyond difficult. So many people I know have remarked about what a "blase" bride I am, or marveling at how calm I seem. Well, when you don't have your bridesmaids or fiance around to help spark the excitement and anticipation, emotions tend to slant toward a tamer side.

But enough of that. He's arriving today, and it's all going to change. So many who have given *him* advice have warned him, "don't tick her off." LOL! They either know him a little too well or don't know me well enough. Growing up in a large family with 3 brothers and assorted friends, it takes quite a bit to make me angry or put out. I'm believing it will work out and praying for peace/assurance throughout the entire week and our married life afterward.

With that said, here's the final recap of updates:

* packed up all of my belongings and hauled them to the garage for the movers coming today at noon!
* pulled out a small selection of clothing and other essentials for the next 3 weeks and have them set aside in my now empty bedroom.
* emailed directions to all RSVP's for the reception so they'll know where to go come Saturday. :)
* followed up on the status of our Pathfinder and learned it should be ready for pick up today.
* cleared out my "to do" list for my web site clients so I can go on vacation with a clear conscience and have everyone current.
* put the final touches of stain and finish on the stripped furniture and stuffed the drawers for moving.
* created the seating chart for the reception and got everyone in their places.
* took the slideshow for the wedding to the A/V operator for testing; going to test again on Wednesday in full sound and display.
* meeting with the coordinator at the church and the pastor this Wednesday for our final counseling session and a final review of the wedding ceremony.
* heading out tomorrow to file for the marriage license; will pick up the license on Wednesday.
* coordinated final travel arrangements for 2 people arriving from out of town and confirmed arrival/departure dates and times.
* modified the Friday schedule for ease of transition from one place to another to maximize our time and reduce our travel time between locations.
* set up an appointment with the DJ for this week for a final review of songs and playlists and overall reception order/flow.
* will call the rehearsal dinner location this week with a confirmed final count and entree selections.
* will also make arrangements for online bills to pay while on vacation.
* went through the "to do" list for the wedding and checked off everything we've done so we have an accurate depiction of what's left to do this week.
* made a tentative schedule for this week and got everyone on board for how busy it will be!

I'm sure I've forgotten something, but can you blame me? My mind is going in 100 different directions right now, and my heart is jumping at the anticipation of being with Stuart again today. So, I'll end here to finish preparations before heading to the airport.

Starting next week, there will be no more posts for 2 weeks. We'll see what happens after that and what my new schedule is like. Might only have time for spotlights and updates on my book coming out in January, as well as my deadline for book 2 in October.

Thank you to everyone who has stayed with me through this journey. There will be 1, maybe 2 more posts this week. Then, it's vacation time!


Cherie J said...

Wow! You truly are down to the wire now. God bless you and your fiance. I will be praying that all goes well on your special day. Would love to see some pictures when your back.

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

Yes, we are. Just 3 more days now. By this time on Saturday, I'll be Mrs. Stuart Stockton. (dreamy sigh) Can hardly wait!

And count on pictures. As soon as my photographer uploads them online, I'll send out the link to anyone who wants to view them. You'll even be able to order prints right from the private site. Stay tuned sometime in August.

Thanks for the blessings, Cherie.